my Vert Gazon coin purse is not what I thought it was...

  1. So I finally phone this boutique that sells Balenciaga (hard to find in Spain, believe me!) and asked them about what coin purse colors they had

    after discussing with the SA for a while, I figured out the only CP they had was 07 Vert Gazon (honestly, the SA had no idea about BBags, so it was hard for me to identify what she was describing) I asked whether the coin purse was from this past season and she said it was... so it just had to be

    well, it finally arrived today... but it's not Vert Gazon at all... its a BEAUTIFULL 05 apple green!:yahoo:

    I love the color and style, but I have to admit the leather is a bit dry... feels almost like plastic or paper :huh: should I condition it?

    so here's the family picture (it was taken with my cell phone, so it's definetly not the greatest picture...)
    familia nueva.JPG
  2. WOW!!! You lucked out BIG TIME!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! The leather will get softer the more broken in it gets!!!~ so use it!!!!!!!!!
  3. OMG! What a great surprise:yahoo:! I do find that conditioning the leather a little bit helps with dryness. Congrats and enjoy using your new gem!
  4. lucky you!!!
    congrats, it's adorable and what a great color too!
  5. Wow, you lucky girl!!! What an incredible find. Congrats!!
  6. That is amazing and they look great together
  7. I am GREEN with envy (!) -- what an amazing surprise for you that VG was AG. You are so lucky! Congrats and enjoy!!!!!!
  8. I love it!!!!!!! I think that's an incredible score! These SA's are a crack up! They don't know what they have... :roflmfao:
  9. What a hoot- you are one lucky girl!!!! That cp is too cute!:p
  10. wow that's amazing! sometimes mistakes are for the better.
  11. I agree shes yummy, you got so lucky. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  12. OMG, what luck!!!!
  13. Wow! You're so lucky! The apple green coin purse is gorgeous!
  14. Nice! Girl, you scored!
  15. Lucky you! Congratulations on your wonderful find!