My Vert Fonce SGH PT...T_T

  1. I ordered a VERT FONCE SGH PT and paid a deposit 3 months ago, but the supplier just told me they got a wrong bag and cannot order it anymore:sad:...
    After the sad news, I tried to look for it everywhere but still can't find one...
    I am so sad, and it seems to me that it will never be found....crying :crybaby:
  2. I would start making phone calls - call BalNY, Barney's, various NM and Saks locations, etc. to see if anyone might have the bag in stock. I have had a lot of luck finding bags that I really wanted this way in the past.
  3. Oh, I'm sorry - I just noticed that you said you already tried!! :push: Don't give up, though!! I'm sure one will come your way eventually!!
  4. really sorry to hear that my VERT FONCE SGH PT is my favorite bag in tyhe moment I agree call around Printemps in Paris still had one a little while ago leather was more on the smooth side.
  5. I was at Barneys yesterday and they had vert fonce bags, not sure if they still had silver hardware but there were a lot of them
  6. My suggestion is to describe the color when you call around. Sometimes the bags have different color names, and the SA's may not know what you are talking about. That is how I found a htf bag. Good luck! :tup::heart: