My Vert D'eau City is here!!! pics! :-DD

  1. I'm so happy my heart is jumping all over! I'm sooo in love! The color is SO beautiful! :wlae:

    She really is super hard to get a picture of! Not as shiney as the picture depicts, but it was the best i could do! In most other ones she looked way too turquoise! Definitely a true minty green!:heart: :heart:


    What do you guys think?:love:
    JANMID 001.jpg JANMID 003.jpg JANMID 012.jpg
  2. Omigosh she is so pretty!!! Congrats! :biggrin:

    How would you compare her to seafoam and turquoise, sammy?
  3. So pretty. Congrats.
  4. Congrats, it's a beauty!

    Having seen the color irl, I would say that vert d'eau is not as deep/rich a color as seafoam. It's sort of like a mix between seafoam, pistachio, and 04 turq. pistachio is more green and 04 turq is more blue than vert d'eau.
  5. It's gorgeous! Congratulations! Where did you order from? Thanks!
  6. Congrats.. she is drool worthy :drool: :yahoo:
  7. Ugh. I am DYING for this one! She's absolutely stunning!
  8. Love this color. I can see why you love her sammydoll. It's a mint green not as green as pistachio. I love it. Enjoy her as I'm sure you will.:yes:
  9. I ordered from Terry at BalNY on SUNDAY! I can't believe i received this quickly, i only chose standard shipping!

    I took a couple more pictures hoping they came out a little more true to life! I'll post in a couple minutes :smile:
  10. This color makes me think of spring!!! Beautiful color!!! Congrats!!
  11. Here she is with my Rouge Vif City my only other BBag! I'd say the color is definitely more like the first picture i posted, but oh well, i tried!

    Small but well loved family :love: :heart:
    JANMID 026.jpg
  12. Yummm again!!
  13. Congrats! I've seen this color in real life and you did a great job capturing its true color! The one I saw was very much like the one in ur first pic.

    Enjoy her!:heart:
  14. So sweet! Congrats!
  15. ooo sammydoll your vert'deau AND rouge vif are both BEAUTIFUL congrats congrats congrats!!! :drool: :girlsigh: