My vert d'eau city caused quite a stir in Las Vegas!

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  1. I was gone for a bit to Las Vegas w/ DH and kids for my sister's wedding. We had the most fabulous time. Dh let me shop my brains out all day each day and we hung out by the pool of course and at night DH played poker. Perfect vacation.

    So I went to NM there to check out everything Balenciaga. This very fashionable and flamboyant man came running (yes, running) over from the Prada store in NM to tell me how fabulous my vert d'eau was. He kept gushing over it. Then every salesperson in the handbag department had a comment about it. To top this off a woman in the forum shops offered to buy it for $3,000! Of course I said no way. You know I love it too much.

    As for NM balenciaga stock, it was pretty limited. Truffle in each style, but no cities. A FB day w/ rh. Sapin day. Blue Glaciar weekneder w/ GH. Lots of GH stuff... sorry I can't remember. No city rh bags at all. Only one first in the store and that was truffle. I did get to see an aqua giant traveler and it was breathtaking. I had never seen aqua IRL and I was in love. I seriously called Daphne from NM and ordered a Aqua city. Hopefully I will like the leather. No sandstone at all, if I could afford it after all my shopping I would buy Nanaz's sandstone city. I had to buy extra suitcases to bring home all of the clothes I bought! Too much fun. Dh also got me a Tiffany celebration eternity band in platinum. So needless to say, I am on a REAL shopping ban!
  2. you are so cute - glad to see you're back! i love the shopping in Vegas, and that's about the only thing.

    an FB day???? that sounds awesome! might give them a call. thanks for the report :tup:
  3. wow! sounds like someone had a great time! gongrats on the eternity band sounds quite lovely.
  4. OMG I think I would have sold it, bought myself another one and netted an $1800 profit!!! Glad you had a great time!
  5. I didn't think that I could find another one, especially b/c mine has the best leather I have ever seen on VD. It is fab.
  6. Good to hear you're back from your vacation. With lots and lots of exciting and lovely adventure :yes:...I'm glad that you had lots of fun and come back with a lovely ring...:tup: and a fabulous bag on the way :woohoo:
  7. Probably right. Can we see a picture of your new ring?:graucho:
  8. That is hilarious! I can't believe someone offered $3,000 ... I think I would've taken it. ;)

  9. I probably would have taken the $3000 too! but then again, that's the beauty of Bbags, each is unique and when you find THE ONE, you just can't give it up!
  10. ^I would have sold it too! I love my BBags but they are all on the chopping block when it comes to being able to sell them for MORE!! Especially getting two from the price of one. I am a BAD BBag mommy. That is great they all loved your Vert D’eau though! I love this color and I don’t see why there isn’t more commotion about it. I have carried my Vert D’eau Day daily since getting it around 3 weeks ago. The leather on the Vert D’eaus seems to be perfect too. Nice, smooth, supple and not dry (which irks me the most)

    Haha I think I encountered the same gay SA when I went in there about a month ago with my Magenta Day. He was all over the color. I thought he was seriously going to get drool on my bag.

    Glad you had fun! Also you are a good BBag mommy!
  11. Sounds you had a great time and got to take a lot of goodies home. Happy to hear that you had a great vacation!
  12. So much fun! I will have to live vicariously through you!
  13. WELCOME back on the board Shasta :yahoo: so glad you had a great time and beautiful vacations :heart:
  14. Sounds like you had a fantastic trip to Las Vegas!

    That is soo flattering that someone offered you $3000 for the Vert D'eau! What a compliment! ;D

    And hooray, another Aqua fan! Glad you had such a fun trip!
  15. YEP! LOL!!!

    Sounds like a fab time in Vegas! Did you take lots of pics?