My verdict on the Mollie

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know my opinion on the Mollie...

    Okay, it is no Jacquetta. The straps aren't as nice, there is an adjustable "facade" if you will because they aren't really adjustable at all. The straps across the top don't do anything either and are just for decoration. Aside from the Mulberry print on the buckles, there is nothing to scream Mulberry here, with the exception that it looks like the Jacquetta. The straps are narrow and will only sit comfortably on a thin arm and not over a bulky coat like mine. Great for summer though!

    I do love that it zips. Call me old fashioned, but I really do like a zip. Easy in/easy out with no bulky straps to mess about with.

    When I saw it in the shop I :heart: it. And the final verdict is that I still :heart: it!!
    It is a classic bag that will never really go out of style and I love that about it. It is simple, but pretty. It has charm that the Elgin does not have with it's squarish shape.
    This bag is lovely and perfect for me.
  2. I'm pleased you like it :tup: I was wondering if it had arrived yet.

    I saw it on Saturday and decided that it's not the bag for me :lol: for the reasons that you've given above.
  3. Could you post modelling pics?????? please!!!
  4. Yes, and I have even just noticed that it is not unlined, but lined with that naff Mulberry print fabric. Was I on blinders the other day in the shop? To be fair I was on sensory overload!!

    Well, the Mulberry website has the description of the Mollie completely wrong and I hope they are planning on revising it!!!
  5. oooh can we see some pics? I know what the jacquetta looks like but Im having a hard time envisaging the difference between these two!
  6. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I'm a bit surprised about the handles, I thought they were adjustable (for real). But it's a cute and classic bag!
  7. I'd like to see the straps on someone's shoulder, having looked at it again, it does look a bit weird, are they rounded right at the top?
  8. I have taken some photos, but there are on my laptop at home.
    I will share them with you this evening.
    I am really loving this bag the more I get used to it. The straps are narrow at the top, but they are loosening and at least it does not fall off my shoulder like my Roxanne does sometimes.
    Only thing is that I wish I had gotten chocolate because it seems all of my bags are oak!!!