My venture into Hermes

  1. For my birthday from my little girl, I wanted to a little piece of Hermes and decided on the Ulysses agenda so off to Hermes we all went. After looking for a bit, I spotted the agenda I wanted in my have-to-have color, this vibrant, beautiful pink. The problem was the Ulysses was not made in the color I wanted making it a couple hundred more than expected, the agenda had pen loops which I did not want, and they did not have it in the store. There was only one available at the moment in a different state and the store was already closed so we left the store empty-handed.

    End of story? No, dh had the SA get the agenda transferred and now it is mine, my b-day gift from my little girl. I am so happy with my first piece of Hermes, the Rose Shocking GM agenda (according to the receipt) and I have been using it non-stop. I cannot get over the beautiful color. I am not sure of the leather and the actual name of the agenda so any info would be great. Pics of my agenda and my birthday loot. :flowers:
    cbw6.jpg cbw7.jpg cbw8.jpg cbw2.jpg
  2. Congrats!

    I'm not an expert by any means but it looks like the leather could be chevre?
  3. happy birthday! welcome to the world of hermes!!
  4. Rose Shocking in accessories is perfect and your agenda is gorgeous Disney4us. I hope you are enjoying using it, Such a fab pop of colour. Congratulations. :heart:
    Your pics are great
  5. What a yummy loot! Happy B-Day and congtratulations on a beautiful lil Hermes.
  6. I love that colour :love:
  7. Love accessories in rose shocking! Happy birthday!
  8. L@@k At Those Gifts...Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!

    BTW: Rose Shocking Is My Absolute Favorite H Color:heart: ~ Great Choice!!!!
  9. Lovely!! :tender:
  10. That is HOT and TDF!!!:drool:
  11. LOVE the color!!!!! Just gorgeous!! Congrats. Happy Birthday.
  12. what a great gift! congrats!
  13. Thank you all so much. I was a little shy at first but all the colors of the different leathers just amazed me. I may not be able to get an Hermes bag but I want a rainbow of stuff like you guys, lol.
  14. Happy Birthday:yahoo::woohoo: & congratulations!, it looks beautiful, I love having color inside of my bags, makes it easier to find things, and it's a pleasure to look inside. The color you chose looks delicious!:girlsigh:
  15. disney4us, Happy belated Birthday and congrats on your agenda!! :smile: I love that color. :smile: