My venture into a new Bal style (for me).....*pics*

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  1. Normally I am a seriously into either the twiggy or box style. However I have ventured into trying the day style following a recent post devoted to the DAY. I was surprised at how many ladies carried the style and it suited them perfectly even though they weren't of a student age group (trying not to offend here!!).

    Its a beautiful colour and leather, and the style is growing on me. I think I need to find an outfit to suit and take it out for a spin to get a true feel for it.

    What do ya think of her....

  2. Yeah! A Rouille Day...just gorgeous, F&G. You'll find her very useful when you have to carry around anything too large for twiggy.

    The Day is a wonderful summer style...very casual.
  3. wow, that's stunning :tup:
  4. Thanks highglossfinish. I hope so. Can't wait to properly try her out!!
  5. I think she is absolutely STUNNING!!! :yahoo:
  6. It is beautiful. :tup:I used to have the exact same bag last year and i got a lot of compliments on it.:yes: Day style is my favorite. Very comfy and easy to carry around with you. :tup:You will love it. It will look awsome with any color. Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. I love the Day...and this one is truely gorgeous !!!!
  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!! You take great photos and that is one BEAUTIFUL bag! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  9. I love the color and style. Absolutely gorgeous! :drool::heart:
  10. I'd say that your gorgeous bag would pretty much go with anything. That colour looks fab with Jeans. Just go with the classic White T, Jeans and Black Ballet pumps and this gorgeous bag and you'll look fab.

    I want it!
  11. Oh, a Rouille Day! B-bag twinsie - I love mine. I've been using her for the past week and I still love her. The Day's a great style - comfy, cute, and looks as good empty as it does full. Congrats!!
  12. Great pics F&G! You really make great bag choices. I am so excited that you are trying something new, you are inspiring me to venture out and try the day style too! I only have city bags and a money wallet, so a twiggy or a day would be a welcome change! Did you post pics wearing? I love the color!
  13. Thanks everyone. The pics trully reflect the yummy colour and leather.
  14. Love your new bag! The color/style combo is perfect.
  15. Congrats!! I think it is cool that you are trying a different style. I am hoping to get a day also sometime soon, if only I could settle on a color, lol!!