My Venetia *PICS*

  1. Well guys, I guess I got me a Venetia!! Thank you to those who helped me authenticate it!!

    anyone that has a venetia...have you ever seen a MII stamp where mine is?
    is there a certain spot that it has to be for it to be real?
    venetia.jpg tag.jpg venetia3.jpg
  2. oops! i forgot the pic of the whole bag!:p
  3. Congratulations! Your bag is beautiful! Wear her in good health :smile:
  4. Very pretty! Yes, I have a 2004 Stella, and the MII stamp is up under the zipper, kind of hidden like that, stamped into the suede.
  5. whew! that makes me feel better! thanks!! :o)
  6. That's such a pretty, wearable color. Enjoy!
  7. GORGEOUS!!! Everytime I see a pic of everyone else's Venetia, it makes me want one! She's a beauty mm, congrats!!
  8. congrats, beautiful color!!!
  9. I love this color, congrats on this wonderful MJ!
  10. thank you guys!!

    i love this place! i have no one else to share my love of bags with!!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Gorgeous color - congrats!

    The MII stamp is in the same place on my Venetia. :yes:
  13. Congrats!!!!

    Hehehe we definitely are bag sisters, moodysmom10!:yahoo:
  14. Congrats!! that's a wonderful looking venetia!!
  15. and...guess how much i paid for it? :lol: