My Veiny Baby!


Thank you God.
Feb 3, 2007
right herE -
... so i am one of those people who put a fair bit of research into a bag. I for one would like to own one piece from each of my favorite creative houses before i move onto another one..

after fendi, gucci, chanel and burberry i had completely fallen in love with Balenciaga giant hardware - thanks to the help of TPFRs, their comments, views, images and information i decided on a city...

Then came the color: the hardware AND the bag itself. to start with i fell in love with the charbon city with gold hardware, but my gucci indy is the same combo - when i went to barneys there were loads of colors along with the charbon gold...
Along with that i am sharing these amazing finds! SHOES: miu miu and choo :smile: love them!

But then the lady went into the back and pulled out my baby :smile: My gorgeous new bag! My first balenciaga and a much treasured one! Have a look guys, i am still on vacation therefore 'least effort images' :smile:

Again TPF ROCKS! i love this place...




Congratulations it's a beauty..I saw this at Barneys NY yesterday, she was on display in the glass cabinet...isn't the leather AMAZING!!!


Trying to be good
Apr 12, 2008
oh........... I LOVE her!!!!! She's so beautiful!