My Vegas Purchases at Hermes!

  1. I was in Vegas over the past weekend, and I had to go into Hermes and see all the goodies available. Graduating with a master's degree in May, I decided to treat myself to a new agenda to represent a passage into a new life and career as a working woman in occupational therapy. I asked the super sweet SAs to show me their agendas, and fell in love with this deep purple pocket agenda! And I got it!

    The leather is so buttery soft and rich, with contrast stitching. I don't know what leather it is... it was just soo pretty! I also got the attachable silver pen!
    I got the 2007 calendar, address book, and the blank notes attachments.
    The SAs were really great, showing me all the styles. Then when it came to the transaction, they gave me the old prices prior to the price increase, and gave me an additional pen refill. Sooo great! This was my first H boutique experience, as I have only gotten other H items through the internet, and I am smitten with the service and quality of attention and care!

    Then I saw all the beautiful scarves the SAs were wearing, and I had to get myself a scarf ring to wear my H scarves with:


    They also had a rouge 25cm Birkin that was on display, and I tried it on and almost died-- so heavenly! They also had a blue jean Kelly, size 28cm, and hmmmmmmmmmm I think that is a bag I will someday get-- TEEHEE!

    Thanks for letting me share! I am now wholeheartedly devoted to H due to it's quality, service, and beauty! :heart:
  2. Congrats May, and welcome to the H side!
  3. Congratulations! It's chevre mysore. Raisin and Violette.
  4. Oooh thanks! Lots to learn :yes: Whee!
  5. great purchase. congrats on your graduation.
  6. May ~ Congratulations!!! Such Lovely Pieces To Celebrate Such A Wonderful Acomplishment!!!:heart:

    You Have Such Beautiful Taste!!!
  7. How exciting - congratulations! I'll be in Vegas next month for a conference and am eager to break away and visit the boutique. Hopefully, I'll be able to post a success story of my own! :sneaky:
  8. Congratulations!! Absolutely gorgeous choices. I really LOVE that agenda!
  9. Congrats on your graduation and on those lovely H items! The agenda looks like it's chevre mysore, raisin on the outside and I think cyclemen on the inside. Just beautiful!
  10. Absolutely fabulous..congratulations on your degree and also your fab new agenda..I think I want one just like it!!!:love::love:
  11. Very nice colors! I have the Raisin in cherve but Violette with Raisin is really pretty! Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous purchases! I love the agenda, beautiful colour!
  13. beautiful agenda, gorgeous colour combination, congratulations.
  14. The color combo is gorgeous- congrats!
  15. love it!!! love the contrast sttching! just fabulous! congrats! you deserve it!