My Vegas Jackpot!

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  1. I went to Vegas last weekend and spent a couple of hours at the Coach outlet... I was in Coach heaven! Back at the hotel, I couldn't stand the thought of putting my treasures into our checked luggage so I managed to fit everything into the purse I also bought and carried it on the plane. :biggrin: My husband called me Houdini LOL! Here is what I got....
  2. pave peace sign.jpg pave star.jpg turnlock valet.jpg
  3. Show us!!!
  4. heritage stripe framed coin purse.jpg

    heritage stripe med cos pouch.jpg
  5. horse and carriage pltd wrist.jpg

    leather pltd wrist.jpg
  6. Fun!!! :smile:
  7. madison op art compact clutch.jpg

    soho pltd sig slm env.jpg
  8. hampton sig hobo.jpg
  9. You did good, girl! Everything is adorable!! I hope you had a blast in Vegas, it's my favorite place in the world (if I do say so myself!)
  10. I had hoped to find some kind of jewel wallet or wristlet, but I didn't. So, I went to the mall and got this... I just couldn't live without it!

    jewel leather heart coin purse.jpg
  11. a nice little group shot... :love:

    all 021410.jpg
  12. I LOVE the coin purse!
  13. wow and it all fit how cool is that congrats beautiful buys :O)
  14. Love the Hamptons sig hobo... I have the b/w one...great, comfortable bag that holds alotta stuff. Enjoy!:tup:
  15. i love the wristlets. that shape is my favorite!