My V'Day Black City

  1. I rushed home to try to get some pictures outside in the natural light. I took SO many pictures and realized, in the process, that it's time for a new camera. Fair warning to all: I'm going to post quite a few, cause I'm a dork like that. Besides, I have to get my Super Model Puppy in the pictures, too.

    Here she is outside:



    And here she is inside:


    I tried to get a picture of myself wearing her - but I couldn't get it to come out right. I'm wearing a brown crazy sweater and she got lost in the picture...(please excuse the messy bathroom!)

    Here she is with my baby...

    And two family shots:


    Told you I went crazy with the pictures. :smile:

    Anyway, ladies, please give it to me straight - do you like her? Do you think the leather looks nice.

    Happy V'Day to all of the beautiful ladies on the forum.
  2. Oh WOW ... I think it looks great! It looks like a really nice, deep saturated black. I think you got a great bag. Congrats!
  3. Gorgeous! You can't go wrong with a black City!
  4. aww i love your doggy!! :p

    your black city is great. leather-wise it's hard to tell - is she very silky? if so then i think the leather is great :p

    what color is your first?... is it bleu glacier? cornflower?
  5. Thank you. He loves you, too.

    She feels so soft and silky, yes. However, I do think she's a bit veiny. But, after some consideration, I don't always love the bags that look super smooth (with few exceptions, like my Bordeaux) - and I think veiny works for me. Do you think she looks veiny?

    The First is a Cornflower.

    They're a very nice looking family!
  6. Love,love your bags:tup:.your dog is so fluffy I just want hug him.
  7. Congrats, Shamrock, lovely city (and family photo) your puppy is so cute to take modeling pics!! LOL!! :smile:
  8. Wow, I don't know if it's just the photos but your City looks really black and yummy. I don't see much veining in the pix either. Mine looks really gray compared to yours. :crybaby:
    Also, how are your tassels? mine seem to be splitting already.
  9. your city looks amazing - great leather!!!! relax and enjoy - maybe you should cuddle next to it like your gorgeous dog!! congrats, you did good :tup:
  10. I like it, it has loads of character already and will wear in beautifully, I'm sure. Great collection. :yes:
  11. I really have to give her another look. She's in sleeping next to her sisters right now. It's been a busy few days for her - from NY to PA to NJ.
    Don't worry, mi Amiga, we'll find you your HG. I know we will!
  12. Beautiful !! What a great staple !! :yes:
    and your dog is ADORABLE !!
  13. LOL! And he would love it if you did! He'd give you a big, sloppy wet kiss too!
  14. gorgeous bag! and your dog is so handsome - looks like my abby!
  15. it looks really beautiful! and your dog is just adorable!! i can't wait till i get a black city...