------->my Valentines Scarf Wristlet<------- *2-cute*!

  1. I know Im terrible but this just looks so cute with my new Madeline:love:! Its really not all that small at all. Take a look!:heart:
    Ebay Pics 777.jpg Ebay Pics 778.jpg Ebay Pics 779.jpg
  2. Taht is so cute, Kimmie! And I love, love, love that avatar of yours!
  3. cute! :tup:
  4. aww thats so cute I like it a lot.. I am debating on getting it.
  5. You are so bad! this is on my V wishlist.

    Thanks for posting pic's its cute, congrat's...
  6. That is just too cute!!! Congrats!
  7. That is soooooooooooooooooo cute and perfect for holding makeup.

  8. Thanx!! Its so cute, even has a little pocket for tissue or CC's or some other goodies!!
  9. VERY cute, Kimmie! Congrats!
  10. So cute!!! Love the lil scarf on it! :yes:
  11. [​IMG]
    OMG! I have to have this!:drool::love::drool:
  12. :yes:yes, you do! its 10 times cuter and more colorful in person. The heart and trim are magenta patent.:girlsigh:
  13. That is so adorable ~ congrats :tup:
  14. That is freakin ADORABLE!!! :love::love::love:
  15. Soooo cute. I have to add this to my wishlist.