My Valentine's gifts: Chloe and a NICE SURPRISE


Jan 17, 2006
Wow! You're very lucky! In more ways than one...great presents, great husband, and a newbown! Can't get better!


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Nov 20, 2005
addicted said:
Wow! You're very lucky! In more ways than one...great presents, great husband, and a newbown! Can't get better!
I second that!:love:
Whata STUNNING watch!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:


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Jan 6, 2006
fayden said:
gawd dang girl! you hit the jackpot. LOL.
I guess LOL....he's been giving me nice gifts once a while (no ocassion too) since we got married....... I'll say he has great taste and I always love his presents.


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Dec 2, 2005
UMMMM can your husband have a nice, long chat with my bf?? I will provide numbers, addresses, emails...whatever you need! THANKS! :smile:

you are so so very lucky!


Feb 14, 2006
WOW!! I love them both!! The bag is perfect, and that watch is...WOW!! I love the color of your watch!! The diamonds just add the right amount of gorgeous bling. Sooooo pretty. I need to play Megamillions lottery now : )


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Dec 5, 2005
San Francisco
Nefredity said:
OMG...I am so happy and I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful WONDERFUL husband. On Valentine day my husband surprised me with amazing gifts. Since we just had a newborn baby, we couldn't go out for a romantic dinner so we decided to eat in. But I know that he prepared a present for me. I know what he was going to give me, but I didn't know he had another surprise. I've been telling him about the Chloe paddy and how I love it so much, so he bought me the bag in anthracite color....yay.... but when I tried to carry the bag it felt so so heavy and I was like...omg the padlock is too dang heavy...I gotta return this's killing my shoulder. LOL I didn't know that my husband actually stuffed another present inside the bag. So I opened the bag and there it was, a VERSACE box....and inside it was a beautiful ceramic diamond watchand it's pink. I fell in love at first sight :love: :love:
My husband told me that the watch was a limited edition Versace ceramic DV ONE, only 99 made in the whole world and versace just released it for valentine 2006. The diamonds almost weight 2 carats and the bezel is rose gold and the face is mother of pearl. The price is almost 3 times more than the regular DV ONE. I love my husband so much..... he knows me the best lol..... oh he also got a matching watch but of course not in pink, but in black.
Sorry for the long story.... I am just too happy and cannot stop typing....:shame:
OMG! I'm so jealous and happy for you! :biggrin: Congratulations on the beautiful gifts, your baby and a wonderful husband.