My Valentine's gift

  1. Here is my Valentine's Gift for my BF. I just got it today. Any opinions, please. If it is not good, I can exchange it before 14th. Thank you!
  2. Hm, I don't see a picture :sad:
  3. Sorry Dusty...I just forget to post the pic ;p
  4. I think it's a great gift!
  5. You're so sweet. I'm sure your bf will appreciate it.
  6. Do you love it? Will he love that you picked it for him? Then, that's all that matters! It's VERY nice!
  7. very nice, how sweet of him!
  8. I afraid that it would be to big for him as normally he used the longer one (with a bit shorter in height ) in LV. As Azur has only this model out which will suit men.
  9. It's very nice just be sure that he will like the light colour.
  10. What a lovely gift. I'm sure he will appreciate it. And it will be nice for summer.
  11. I think your boyfriend will love it...I know my will haha!
  12. hmmm...well, could you give it to him and then give him the option of picking another if he thinks the size on this one won't work?
  13. It's really nice! I think he would like it because its different.
  14. The problem is he got LV, Damier , Tigar and what I should go for if not AZUR???

    I might change it for myself if he does not like it. Thank you and I will let hime choose ;)
  15. its nice!