My Valentine's gift w/modeling pic^^

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  1. Hello^^ everyone..i would like to share my early Valentine's gift with my fellow tpf :smile::smile: my DH just came back from business trip to UK.. What a surprise!! he said "I have a liltle something for you" lol..i said alright let see what you got lol.. i went out for a litle bit and come back.. i saw "a white Chanel box" on the bed .. waiting for me.. :drool:" oh my god" how did he bring chanel with box from UK!.. I ask him don't u afraid that you will got caught at US custom? lol (don't want he pay custome tax!:wtf:).. he said anything for u "i can do it" lol.. he said " if he got caught he will tell the custom officer that "he bought it from over here in US for my gf in UK but we broke up before i give to her.. That's why i bring it back lol.:tup: lol.. He will not pay any tax anyway lol..Luckily, he didn't get caught so lucky him:yahoo:.. Here is " Miss 10" m/L Red lambskin .. it looks kindda red orangy .. but i love it:love:^^.. i just wondering does chanel have new care booklet? the one i got it's not black..please see picture! i would like to ask all tpfer that bought Chanel from UK do u have the same care booklet as mine^^.. enjoy!!!

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  2. awww.. how sweeet!! congrats, the bag is lovely!!
  3. Close up of Miss Red^^

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  4. jacmarcella^^ Thanks for your compliment^^:cloud9:
  5. Congrats on your beautiful bag!! I wish MY husband was as thoughtful...LOL
  6. So sweet of your DH! Congrats, it looks great on you
  7. Aww, your DH is so sweet! :girlsigh: Miss Red is beautiful and looks fabulous on you!! :love: Congrats!! :yahoo:
  8. absolutely gorgeous! congrats!
  9. congrats! your DH is so sweet and the bag is so nice
  10. Your DH is wonderful :smile: Congrats to your v day gift :smile:
  11. Congrats on the lovely flap !

  12. Truly lovely!!

  13. Wow this is gorgeous. I'm a sucker for red.....could i have the code for this color?
  14. the color is wonderful! love it!
  15. That is so sweet of him, you're a lucky girl!! Beautiful color and it looks great on you, congratulations!