My Valentine's gift finally arrived!

  1. I got myself a little somethin' for the holiday...I saw it on eBay and I just couldn't resist!! It arrived today in the mail at was a good mail day, because I also got the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic trade paperbacks I ordered right after my birthday and have been waiting for!! :smile: (Yeah, I'm a total fangirl.)

    Without further Legacy foldover wristlet in punch/orange! Pardon the crappy cell phone pics...


    The wristlet open...

    The lovely legacy stripe interior!

    I was really wanting the punch/orange wallet, which I still might get someday if I can find it at an outlet or on eBay for a good price, but I couldn't justify the $200 for it. I think this wristlet is a lot more versatile and will function as an AWESOME wallet for me. I can also toss in a few essentials and use it as a clutch when I don't want to carry a bigger bag. I'm really excited! I got it for 49.99 plus shipping, which I thought was an excellent deal compared to what I've been seeing them go for. :smile:
  2. Super cute color... !! Congrats!
  3. Beautiful. I love it!
  4. That is soo cute!!! I love the punch of color!!! Congrats! :tup:
  5. Cool! And I am SO a Buffy fan right along with you!!!:tup:
  6. Great Deal! Very Cute!
  7. so cute, i love it! what a deal!!
  8. Kiki, you're like my soulmate! LOL Coach AND Buffy, a rarely found combination (at least for me). :smile:
  9. Thanks!! I have to say, your icon makes me want to watch Devil Wears Prada EVERY TIME I see it! :p:lol:
  10. No pun intended, right fields? ;) I love the color too...I was hoping the pink would be a closer match for my planner, but it's a bit brighter. STILL gorgeous, however. :smile:
  11. I love that color combo - that is such a fun accessory!!! Great price, too. Oh, and my daughter and the boys across the street used to drive me CRAZY with the CD from that Buffy musical episode. They played it and sang the entire thing constantly for months and months!!
  12. Ha ha! You wouldn't want to ride in my car then. I have that one and the soundtrack CD and I play/sing with them all the time :p
  13. I love that color combo and I LOVE Buffy lol
  14. I can sing along with the entire thing...I'd probably drive you crazy too!! ;)