My Valentines Day Surprise!!!!

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  1. I just had the most wonderful day!! I woke up with some SERIOUS shoulder pain today due to an extreme bootcamp exercise class last night. My DH took one look at me, wincing and said "Are you going to be able to look after the kids? Maybe I should take the day off." Of course, I knew that this was impossible for him to do on such short notice so my response was a snippy "Yeah right. I wish" as I turned around to get breakfast ready.

    At this point, he informed me that he had already arranged to take the day off last week so that he could take care of the kids. He had booked me in for treatments at an awesome spa and my first one was starting in 45 minutes! I was totally shocked! I never get surprised like this. I always figure it out when he tries to surprise me so this had me totally floored!

    I went to the spa and had a facial, pedicure and massage. HEAVEN!!! When the treatments were over, I headed back home totally relaxed and content. When I got home, my DH informed me that I had 30 minutes to get ready as my mom was coming over to stay with the kids while they napped. HUH??? I got ready quickly and after my mom arrived, the two of us went for lunch. It was divine.

    Once we got back home and my mom left, my DH had one last surprise for me. He bought me some beautiful flowers, chocolates from Godiva and the Coach scarf print valentines framed wristlet!!! I LOVE IT!!! I have seen this online and thought it was so cute but it is just GORGEOUS IRL!

    I am so excited!! I can't believe that he did this for me. I had the best day ever and it was all such a surprise since he did it all the day BEFORE Valentine's Day!! Just had to share with all of you!

    Here is a drilldown pic of my wristlet as my little guy got a hold of my digital camera and somehow put a "lock" on it. It is now being repaired at the electronics store so no real life pics today.

    Hope your Valentines Days are just as great!
  2. Aww that is so sweet , your dh seems like a great guy , and the wristlets is tdf !
  3. Wow!!!!! You had an awesome day complete w/ Coach!!!! Your Hubby sounds like such a thoughtful guy!
  4. aww what an amazing day!
  5. What a sweet story!!
  6. awww what a sweet heart :biggrin:
  7. awww how romantic!!! :girlsigh:
  8. I am soooo impressed!! You have a great hubby!
  9. That is so sweet!!!
  10. That was so sweet of your husband to do! It sounds like you had a wonderful day full of great surprises!
  11. freakin awesome!!!!! :tup::yahoo:
  12. that's awesome! And your DH is so sweet & thoughful!
  13. Lucky girl!!!:yahoo:
  14. awww!!! that is SOOOO sweet! i'm so happy for you! :smile: & congrats on the cute wristlet; it's a perfect valentine's day gift!
  15. Such a cute story. Get your DH a big kiss and hug and more when the kids go to bed.. hehe.