My Valentine's Day Reveal

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm so excited with what my dear bf has gotten me for vday:yahoo: Below is the picture of one of the bags he got me:biggrin: No long reveals :P By the way he got it at a really great price from Dillards, I believe this is still full price at the Coach boutiques?

    Presenting my Coach Claire in Black leather!!!

  2. pretty! :heart: the flowers as well!
  3. soooo sweet
  4. Love your Claire and the Roses!!
  5. I think Claire is at the outlet now...very cute, enjoy!
  6. Very pretty Claire! Love the flowers! Congrats! What's your other bag?
  7. Very Nice- I love the shape of the Claire- Enjoy her!
  8. Super pretty and the flowers are nice as well! Enjoy!
  9. Nice flowers, love the black claire too!
  10. What a great V-day gift. Both the bag and flowers are so pretty!
  11. Beautiful Claire and the roses are gorgeous. Congratulations.
  12. beautiful!! what a great bf!!!
  13. Awww, he did great! Lovely bag and flowers too!
  14. love your claire and the flowers .. nice BF you have !
    can i ask how much you got the claire for ?
  15. fabulous gift!! and great boyfriend =o) i have a claire and just love it, hope you enjoy it too!