My Valentine's Day Outlet Finds

  1. I just wanted to share pictures of my Valentine's Day outlet finds. I think I got a great deal on everything.

    Bleecker Sig small zip hobo $65.99
    Soho Mini Sig Compact Clutch $47.99
    Soho Mini Sig Skinny $14.99
    Owl Key Fob $9.99
    Capricorn Zodiac Charm $9.99

    I really didn't plan on buying anymore bags (yeah right!), but I just fell in love with this Bleecker. I love the combination of Black leather trim and Khaki Signature. This bag fits me so well. I love the buckle detail on the strap. It is just so pretty!!

    The outlet is my happy place!!
    1Valentines08.jpg 5Valentines08.jpg 4Valentines08.JPG 2Valentines08.jpg 3Valentines08.jpg
  2. I love the Bleecker. I have it in black, chocolate and the khaki/black. I love it so much I just had to get all of them! lol
  3. I remember seeing your post and reading about what a great deal they were so I picked one up right away and tried it on. I loved it right away. It's such a light weight and comfortable bag to carry!

  4. I did the same thing :lol:

    It's such a great little bag!

    Congrats to the OP on all your new goodies :tup:
  5. I love your zodiac ones colours! I am miffed as my zodiac is cancer and I don't like the red and orange colours of the charm, plus the symbol looks like ying and yang (or dare I mention a more rude symbolism :blush:)
  6. I got that bleeker from the outlets a month ago. Great deal!
  7. Wow! those are some great deals i love your new finds. I have been wanting a bleeker too.
  8. Great deals. I wish there was a COACH outlet here in Toronto. I have to go to Niagara Falls, NY for the nearest outlet.
  9. Everything looks great, congrats, you got some great deals! I love the cute owl keyfob.
  10. Wow great haul!! Love the owl keychain. I picked up a bleecker flap at the outlets too and I love mine.
  11. awesome finds! i was about to get the bleecker in chocolate, but my family said it doesn't look like my style. i guess they're right, because i don't wear much that goes with chocolate.
  12. Ooooo!!!! Everything is soooo pretty! I LOVE those Bleecker zip hobos...I really need to move closer to an outlet!
  13. Wow! You got some really great deals! I also have the Bleeker hobo and think its such a cute little bag!
  14. I have the owl! Isn't he a cutie?!
  15. Wow!!! You got some amazing deals!!!! Congrats