***My Valentine's Day Haul!***

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  1. Alright ladies. As promised, here's what I got:
    Photo_021008_001.jpg Photo_021008_002.jpg Photo_021008_003.jpg Photo_021008_004.jpg Photo_021008_005.jpg
  2. Dang. No takers? Oh well, here's what I also got:
    Photo_021008_006.jpg Photo_021008_007.jpg Photo_021008_008.jpg
  3. I love the shoes you got!!!! I can't wait to see whats in your boxes!!!
  4. wow - were these all gifts given to you!! lucky girl! nice shoes! I was in dillards this weekend and bought like 7 pairs of shoes for super duper cheap. what's in the boxes?
  5. Me too! That's where I got the shoes. Lol. 3 pairs for under $70. And I finally found my boots. :biggrin: Oh, and these were presents to myself. I need a man, lol.
  6. What's in the boxes??????????
  7. Ok, ok. I won't take 3 HOURS! Lol. Tah-dah!
    Photo_021008_011.jpg Photo_021008_012.jpg Photo_021008_013.jpg
  8. Yay!!! I love those!!! You have a wonderful shopping day!!! Congrats
  9. you don't need a man - they would never be able to pick out such cute things!!! I am not allowed to buy any more shoes between all the after holiday deals and my new passion for flats I think I may have added more than 10 pairs of shows to my collection. he he he - now I have to hide them from the husband!:supacool:
  10. Love everything- Coach and non Coach!
  11. Not need per se. Lol. But more of a want. (I have a wishlist though, and he must know how to pick things out for me, lol.)
  12. good strategy on a wishlist. my husband is a great guy but not so good at giving gifts. Now i just buy my own gifts and thank him afterwards. Works well for both of us as I get what I want and always find it on sale. Also about that self-imposed shoe ban, may have to go back to belks tomorrow to pick up a black pair of the kitten heel boots I saw today for $21.00. Then I swear I am done. :wlae:
  13. Thanks. :biggrin: And suuuuure, we believe you, lol. :tup:
  14. is that little heart a keychain, it's cute!!
  15. Everything is really cute!!!