My Valentines Day goodies!

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  1. The flowers, candy and mousepad are from my family. The black Glam Tote and matching wrislet are a little something from me to myself! Those are my favorite presents - you are always guaranteed to get what you want. LOVE my mousepad - how cool is that? Just got a wireless mouse for my laptop for Christmas and never used it because I didnt have a mousepad. My son was so excited to give it to me, and kept saying he wanted to tell me what he got me all week, but he managed to keep the secret.

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  2. Great gifts!! And nothing wrong with getting a gift for yourself :smile:
  3. How sweet of your family! That's the cutest mousepad EVER! Congrats on your Poppy pieces too, they're adorable!
  4. Your son is so sweet!!! What an adorable gift! I love what you picked out for yourself! I get myself gifts all time lol! We must treat ourselves!
  5. So sweet Donnalynn, Love everything, especially the mouse pad! too cute
  6. congrats...beautiful gifts!!!
  7. sooo sweet! i love it!!
  8. They are lovely, congrats!
  9. Lovely! Congrats!
  10. Thanks! Just got something else. Im very spoiled this year apparently. My husband just gave me this for my charm bracelet. It opens to a locket.

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  11. How sweet is your son?!??! Love that he was able to keep the secret and that he just knew that you would love his gift. Boys are so special with their moms :love:

    Love everything and hubby did Tiffany's? awesome!!!
  12. Thanks everyone. Things are a little "complicated" around my house, lately, so I was very surprised at all the gifts. My favorite is of course the mousepad. My little guy was my real Valentine this year.
  13. Very nice gifts, it was sweet of your son to get you the mouse pad! Enjoy!
  14. Very sweet valentines you had!!