My Valentine's Day gift to Myself...

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  1. is my first YSL. I went to SFA today with the intention to buy a specific brand (not YSL) but I saw the large black leather Muse with silver hardware & I knew she had to be mine. I have read that some say the Muse is so over, but I just love her to bits.
    (I have pix on Photobucket but don't know how to get them to post here).
  2. congrats!!
  3. congrats, it is a great bag, and so not over :biggrin:

    you can always go to "go advanced" and "manage attachments" then attach images. Or post a link in your message so that we can see it

    black Muse is just the best classic, and silver hardware is stunning
  4. Congrats! the muse is NOT over! cant wait to see pics.
  5. Congrats! The muse is such a classic.

  6. Congrats!! I :heart: my Muse bags!! And I don't believe that they are "over." Classic bags are never over...Mine have gold hardware, and I always receive compliments on them when I use them.
    :tender: Plus I'm finding that I like using my bags without the "labels" on them moreso than the ones that scream out a certain designer...
  7. I hope Muse is not over coz that's my next bag!

    Congrats! Can't wait to see pics. Should be easy to do if you have photobucket; just click on the picture icon (yellow, third icon to the right), and paste in the link there.
  8. Does copy/paste work? I know how to do that.


    Yay!!! It worked. There's My beautiful new bag!!!!
  9. Congratulations, beautiful bag, the silver hardware is nice-- I really think the Muse is a classic -- timeless.
  10. congrats!! classic bag!!
  11. gorgeous!! congrats on your ysl! i think it's definitely better than any other bag you were thinking of getting.
  12. Congrats great bag...
  13. :heart::tup:
  14. The muse is so not over!!! I started wearing my 1st YSL again--a tan medium muse, and I can't help but fall in love with it all over again. Enjoy your new bag and congratulations!
  15. Thanks everyone. I just LOVE this bag!!!