My Valentine's Day gift - DELICIOUS!

  1. This is what I got for VDay, after many hints!

    My boyfriend trekked down a biiiig hill and back up in 30 degree weather (86 fahrenheit) to buy them for me before I woke up!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. What a sweetie!!! Those look so yummy!!!
  3. what a sweet heart! Shar, you're a lucky woman!
  4. He is a sweetie and they are soooooooooooooooo delicious. I will need elastic-waist pants soon...
  5. What a nice and sweet surprise! They do look tasty!
  6. Man... I am SOOO jealous.

    I want me a nice boyfriend who will do that stuff for me! The note is the best
  7. Omg, that's adorable. JEALOUS of your BF!
  8. Aww..I'm jealous :sad:
  9.'s so cuteee..
    the note is the sweetest...:p
  10. Those look really yummy! He's such a sweet guy!
  11. Ha! Can you read the note?? I made fun of him the first year we were together and he got me a card for my birthday that read 'from K' so now he tries to write in as many 'loves' as he can!
  12. What a total sweetie! Have a great Valentines Shari!
  13. Now that is just too sweet for words! And, OF COURSE, we're all furious with our sleeping husbands...who are not even thinking Valentine thoughts...much less trecking down a hill to buy delicious cupcakes and writing sweet notes.

    Okay, that's it! I'm officially mad!!! :hysteric:
  14. Awww...

    That's TOOOOOOO sweet!!! :tender:
  15. Yum yum!! I have my v-day gift sitting here next to me, but Bart said I'm not allowed to open it until he comes back this afternoon!! :cursing: I flew arrived late last night in Belgium (B found me a cheap flight so I wouldn't have to drive by myself) and right now he is out with his mom preparing for his sister's service. I still haven't given him his gifts yet :smile:

    Have a nice valentines day!