My valentine shoes!!

  1. So if anyone looked at my thread I so hope they fit, well they fit and I love them. Even though they were such a good price I still haven't told DH so I've decided that I will give him a little valentine surprise by wearing them with well:graucho:
  2. Yay!! They fit!! :yahoo:

    What do you plan on wearing them with??
  3. Oh great, they are beautiful, hmmm you will be a hot valentine, I am shure he will love them!

  4. i have a feeling she won't be wearing much else for valentines day :graucho:
  5. Those are perfect for valentine day.
  6. PERFECT Valentine shoes!!! CONGRATS!
  7. These are perfect for V-day!
    I'm so glad that they fit.
  8. Pretty!:heart:

    Yep, take it from me, it's always adds to your defense to be wearing hot shoes when defending the price of said shoes :shame::lol:. I haven't lost a case yet!
  9. congrats!!! They are pretty. Any modeling pics by any chance?
  10. LOL, it does help!
  11. :angel:
  12. NICE!! Good plan! Tell him it's HIS V-day gift!!
  13. Great V day shoes!! I bet he will forget how much they cost in 1/2 a second~~
  14. hopefully he doesn't see this or it will ruin the surprise! I was kinda thinking they would be cute for v-day when I ordered them and then I wound up giving him his v-day present early so this will be perfect!!
  15. Oh great they fit!!! They are so pretty! You will have to post modleing pics, but you know, not in your Valentines Day outfit:shame: