My valentine reveal! :-)

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  1. I awoke to a bottle of champage, a card and a heart shaped box of chocs! We had agreed not to get each other anything, so was a nice surprise. The girls were each presented with a card and a little bag of chocolate buttons. It was not a very healthy breakfast, lol. After a lovely bath, Dp, me and the girls out for a meal and some shopping.

    I wore my Alexa for the first time :yahoo:. Dp staged a mock ceremony, cut off the My wardrobe tag and declared her officially 'open'.

    Lunch was lovely, we looked in toy shops, clothes shops and then we wondered around HofF. Before I knew it we were at the Mulberry counter :P. We looked at the bags then we looked in the cabinet of accessories. As I was drooling over the wares, I heard dp speaking to the SA. Then from under the desk she pulled out a little box..............:nuts: . My name was pinned to the closed box with the word 'reserved' by the side of it.

    Next thing I knew, I was grinning from ear to ear!!!!!!! :smile:

    Dp explained that as it was my last Valentine's day as 'a girlfriend' (next year I will be 'a wife' :yahoo:) he wanted me to remember it fondly. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Perhaps next year i will not even get a card!!!!!

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  2. Mother and baby! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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  3. What a lovely romantic story IWANB! (and fab wallet too)
  4. oooo how cute :biggrin: congrats on your purse :smile:
  5. Thank you both! You should have seen the state of my old purse, it was utterly horrible. It was red canvas and about 7 years old. It had gone kind of grubby and threadbare. This new one is a massive improvement, lol.
  6. I like the look of it. I am a fan of small purses. Looking for a new one myself. It seems practical with the rooms and space for cards.
    Enjoy it.

    and champagne? wow! :biggrin: No wonder you wanna marry him :P
  7. What a lucky lady you are - your purse it gorgeous & looks fab with the matching Alexa
    BIG thumbs up to ur other half :tup:
  8. Lol, Polly and Kvam, he is a keeper. I felt very bad I had not got him anything so in the evening we went online and ordered him some new handlebars and brakes for his racing bike. All's well that ends well!

    It is a nice size Kvam, the coin pouch is really practical, you can see all your change really easily as it opens out so wide. No more fumbling around for 1p pieces at the bottom of my purse!
  9. Wow what a lovely Valentines :yahoo:
    This was my first Val day as wife - I got a card and flowers so not bad :biggrin:
    Your leopards look fab congrats
  10. oh thats sooo sweet!! bless him! he has good taste to, my OH although understanding of my bag habit would have no idea!
  11. Oh what a lovely thread .. congrats .. what a great pressie & what a lovely OH you have!! :biggrin:
  12. What a lovely story, how romantic! :love: No wonder you said yes, he sounds like a wonderful man! :graucho: Beautiful baby purse, looks so cute next to Alexa :drool: Lucky lady!
  13. I am glad you like it, Blueberry, Bag mad and Lovinmymulberry.

    Congrats on your first married valentines Blueberry, very special!

    Bag mad, poor old dp had seen me drooling over the wallet on Mulberry online, so he had a good idea that I liked it, i think, lol.
  14. Thanks Miss Mabel!
  15. I've been lurking in this forum ever since I discovered (and became obsessed with ) the OL Alexa, but couldn't resist posting as this is such a great story...what a wonderful Dp!!! The wallet is just gorgeous - congratulations on everything!