~~My Valentine Presents And my late holidays reveal~~

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  1. It has been awhile since I did my last reveal so now I am finally revealing my early Valentine presents from my sweet husband. Stick around and I will also reveal all the other holidays presents and my birthday presents from fall 2008.;)
  2. I have told my husband that I wanted the graffiti speedy for my Valentine present. So then yesterday he took the day off and drove to Houston to pick it up for me.

    Here is my Pink Vernis Key Holder~~

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  3. Cool...cannot wait to see more. Congrats jch0425...remember to post modeling pics :biggrin:
  4. COngrats - cannot wait to se more!
  5. ohhh live reveal!!! love the 1st piece already!!!

    cant wait to see the rest!
  6. Next is my Pink Graffiti Speedy 30~~

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  7. When I opened the boxes, both pieces were stunning. However, when I put the pink vernis key holder on the pink graffiti speedy, the colors didn't blend together. It is two different types of pink. It is so gorgeous that I didn't care anyway.:P

  8. When I start using them I will try to post some modeling pictures.:smile:
  9. Husband then went back out to the car and brought in another LV bag. I then said what is this because I was only expecting the pink graffiti. He then told my that the pink graffiti was my present that I chosed. His Valentine present is to get my another bag.

    So he picked his Valentine present out and gave it to me.

    Tivoli GM with Pink Heart Coin Purse~~

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  10. Congrats ... lovely gifts:heart:
  11. wow congrats!!! that is so sweet of husband and he has excellent taste......
  12. Now that my Valentine Presents are here this is what I got for my Chinese New Year present from my husband.

    Stephen Sprouse Mono Rose Speedy 30 and Rose Scarf~~
  13. OH MY GOD, my DH needs to pick up pointers from your hubby. Congrats on the wonderful presents. I love the tivoli, I have hinted that at hubby lets see if and when he might surprise me with a gift.
  14. LOVE IT!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Those are some awesome gifts!