my valentine present + my anniversary present!!! and modeling pics will follow...

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  1. okay.. i am suppose to respond more and tell you my sad story about the maxi but i think i am really tired now soo i will post pics of my sad Maxi tomorrow...
    thanks for all the compliment!
    :heart: wai
  2. you are one lucky lady!! congrats on your valentine and anniversary presents. those colors are absolutely stunning!
  3. Hi Everyone..
    So i am back after 12 hours of school and rest..

    I have bad newss... even though i said i dont care about the wings that ended up not being true... I tried it on with my regular stuffs in and guess what... I got freaking wings! i was sooo sadd.. soo i am gonna return in tomorrow.....

    These are not modeling pictures.. but i am just showing you the wings.. and my heart is sinking... sinking... sinking... :crybaby: hopefully i can find one without wingss...

    These are the before shot

    and these are the after(after i put in my stuffs) :crybaby:


  4. Aww Thank you Hun! Finals were okay.. i am happy with the results but now i cant stand school again.. i think i am getting seniorities.. lol.. we have to meet again sometime soon!!!
  5. of course u can call me Wai!! and yepp.. when i was home DF used to go on business trips a lot and i felt so bad being on my own and having to answer "ohh where's your other half" at all the functions... but then i had my family and it was better.. now that i am alone by myself here.. i am usually okay and happy with school, work, shopping, friends and tpf.. but he came for a month and now i miss him so much... haha i also turn to TV-- i am addicted to almost all the dramas and tpf and supports from all the lady here does make me a lot better!!

  6. Hi the most-beautiful-mother-to-be!!

    I am so sad now that my Red Maxi got wings.. I love the color soo much but oh well i still have the valentine left. I am not really "thinking outside the box" anymore after they appeared! I will sure do modeling for it and messenger style (especially for you) when i find the one without wings! that will take a while.. but oh well..but both of the bags are with gold hardware!! even the valentine.. soo i am happy for that!
  7. Thank you Schol! I am glad you are back! soo how long do we have to wait until we get to see your modeling again?
  8. Congrat to you too! well more congrat as you got the one without wings! can u tell me where u got the wingless Maxi? May be i can get one from there.. oh well.. i am so sad..

  9. Hi Mia!!

    thank you so much for such a nice compliment! i think the black suits u a lot too (even though i like the coral on you with the white cardigan!) Congrat on all your new accessories too! and you loook sooo cute and chic in the mommy modeling pic! i will write you a longer one for that later!!.. u are soo sweet and hope u had a nice dream! and u really did good with just the accessories this time around.. i think if the Maxi doesnt work out for me.. i might be done too~

  10. Hi Jean! I know thats what i feel like or almost all our friends... and we will get marry on our 8th anniversary!! soo just one more year... I think the valentine is super super super cute too. ... i am in love with it now.. for the maxi.. just look at the pics above.. its making me really really sad... now i am on to looking for a perfect one and if this one doesnt work.. then i think i might give it up...:crybaby:
  11. sorry about your bag & the "wings":sad: I hope you are able to get another one.:smile: Even with the wing-thing going on,she still looks fantastic on ya!!! Got my fingers crossed for you;)

  12. Hi M!! soooo are u counting every mins? i would be.. hehe...thanks for the compliment.. I am so sadd for the maxi but I am really excited about your reveal tomorrow! u know there's a green.. its not that nice but i saw it on the bay... i was thinking about u... let me know if u want the link!!

  13. Lux... look at my wings.. i am so :crybaby:
  14. laura, K, chanelbabie, Robbin, Jsc6!!

    thank you for your sweet words! hope u guys are doing well too!
  15. U are sooo sweet M!!! but its breaking my heat to pieces.. Scot is off today soo i better go give it back tomorrow.. oh welll... i guess i still have my valentine... but still.. hum.. soo u are getting them today or tomorrow?