My Valentine is back, with a surprised companion -- Pics

  1. I finally picked up my valentine flap today, the restoration is much better than I thought! Yes the texture is a little rough but it got back its original color and it's absolutely stunning!



    And I got her a companion -- The Plum EW (thanks to a sweet pfer!) :heart:
  2. Yowsa! I think that's a great transformation.
  3. Thank you xanderbsb, I think they did an awesome job too :heart:
  4. Oh wow! It looks GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  5. wow... i :heart:3333 your valentine flap!

    they did an amazing job on the restore. -love your purple flap too! both great v-day surprises! congrats!
  6. Looks like a brand new one!!! Very amazing! Congrats!
  7. Looks wonderful! If you don't mind me asking, how much does it cost to restore a chanel flap?
  8. Looks awesome, great overhaul.
  9. Thank you bulletproofsoul (Congrats on your engagement!), janny328, nada and graceful and allbrandspls.

    graceful -- I paid 110 for color restoration, I think the cost might depend on what type of work needs to be done :yes:
  10. The bag looks great....and love your purple flap too! Both are so pretty...
  11. Its darling! I love it!
  12. your valentine flap looks b-new!:tup: and oh, an e/w violet caviar flap:drool: you are sooo lucky to have found it! congrats on everything!
  13. Thanks sweetie! :flowers: Congrats on a bag everyone is DYING for! The restoration was totally worth it!
  14. they did an amazing job!! and that plum flap... :drool: :drool: !!!
  15. simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you found that bag and got it restored!!!!! Lucky lucky you!!!!

    Love your PLUM E-W too!!! :woohoo: