My Valentine gift ! *pics*

  1. Hubby presented me with my first LV ever!! :heart:
    The sweet and adorable Eliza! :yahoo:

    Do you like her? :love:
    IMG_8295.JPG IMG_8297.JPG IMG_8298.JPG IMG_8301.JPG
  2. wooo congrats! very pretty and nice hubby!
  3. happy v day to you! :heart: :heart: it!
  4. Congrats on your First LV nlr7!:yahoo:The Eliza is sooo pretty, :nuts: ur hubby have a great taste!
  5. very pretty, congrats :love:
  6. So cute, congrats!
  7. congrats! love it
  8. Congrats!
  9. well aren't you lucky! its adorable.
  10. Congratulations. I love the Eliza.
  11. She's so purty!

  12. Aww congrats-what a nice husband you have!
  13. I don't like her... I love her!
    Congrats & enjoy!
  14. What a great V-day gift.
  15. Congrats! I've been thinking of getting one too!! =)