My Vacaville outlet haul -- some great goodies! Come see!

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  1. I went to the Vacaville outlet today in the hopes that I would find a Madison Brynne in Raisin, because frankly I'm a little annoyed that it's already at the outlets just a month after I purchased it with my PCE at the boutique. Of course, they didn't have it and I didn't have the nerve to ask them to do a price adjustment because I didn't think they would.

    The Vacaville outlet was just an absolute zoo today. I have never seen so many people in that store at once. I heard one guy tell his girlfriend that he had to get out of the store because it was so crazy.

    I was a little disappointed about not finding another Brynne, but I managed to find some other goodies!

    I needed a camera case so I got this one. I love the ocelot print! I also got one for my sister and I'll give it to her for Christmas.


    And of course the large matching cosmetic case was a must.


    I'm traveling this month and in December, and I was looking for an upgrade to my Jansport backpack. This fit the bill!


    And ... just when it couldn't get any better, look at this score! A croc Alexandra in teal! This bag is fabulous! And with all the discounts it was only $280! What a steal!

    I passed on it at the boutique because I had already bought the Brynne in Raisin and the studded Alexandra. It was worth the wait!

  2. Love that Alexandra and your other goodies too!!
  3. Beautiful Alexandra and love the oscelot goodies too..Good thing you waited..Enjoy them all..
  4. beautiful teal color you got.
    I never saw this one @ my local outlet yet!!
    you are LUCKY!

    is it large alexandra?
  5. What a great haul! I love it all! That teal croc is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen that one before. Great price too!
  6. I love the don't see to many with that color either....nice. I had to get myself the ocelot accessories when I was at the outlet the other day...they are so cool.
  7. Gorgeous. Congrats on the buys :smile:
  8. Love that shade of blue. Comgrats!
  9. Camera case twins!

    I didn't know Alexandra came in the teal croc! Gorgeous!
  10. Congrats on all your goodies! Love the color of the Alexandra! Was that on clearance now? I hope to pick up some ocelot accessories before they sell out.
  11. Beautiful. I am hoping to find the Raisin Brynne...
  12. Wow! I love the color of that Alexandra! Congrats! You did great with all your goodies!
  13. Beautiful Alexandra! I didn't know it came in that color either.. still out of my price range but now that I know it exists I can keep my eye open for a used one!

    Congrats on your goodies :smile:
  14. Love the accessories and the Alexandra
  15. Bag twins on the Alexandra. Except I bought her at full price.:blush: