My Vacation companions

  1. A beautiful choice!!!
  2. That bag is the definition of eye candy. Yowza!
  3. Very cool briefcase! Congrats!
  4. thanks blueiris, stylevation, mustangsammy
  5. Nice!
    Due to its' colors it should go well together with next years' spring/summer collections.:idea:
  6. Hi C.J.
    I am very glad that I bought this briefcase, especially after viewing the new 2013 Spring summer for men, where the splash of colours are missing.

    I have been lamenting to the SA at the local boutique that how many black, brown, SLG or bags must I buy... even if they are in different design....

    A simply policy of mine, to colour repeats
  7. Congrats!
    I like it!:smile: