My Vacanze Zucca Arrived!!!

  1. Of course, I am at work, and the bag is at home!!! But I will open it as soon as I get home from work and post pictures! I am so excited!
  2. :popcorn: can't wait to see pics!
  3. I want to see her!:yahoo:
  4. Here are the pictures!!!!!!!

    What great service, too! I ordered it Thursday and it shipped Friday and arrived this afternoon!!!!!

    Sorry for the poor photo quality....still learning how to master the iPhone!
    photo.jpg back2.jpg side.jpg side2.jpg back.jpg
  5. It's so pretty, GoldenAnkh!!!! :heart::heart::heart:penguins!!!
  6. I got almost everything on it I wanted, except the little christmas ornament that looks like a bomb, LOL! I love the dark lining inside, too! I can't wait to see if I get any comments this week!!!
  7. is TDF! :love::love::love::love:
    Congrats!! You're so lucky!! :drool:
  8. It's cute!! I can't wait until my pre-order finally comes in.
  9. Wow - it's so cute! Where did you order it from?
  10. I ordered it from Tate's in Florida. If you go check out they have a link to the person to contact!

    EDIT: I just checked out the blog, and this was posted by the person I ordered the bag from at Tate's:

    If you are local, I encourage you to come in and see for yourself what we have available.
    If you are not local I have to hold off with any orders until the first week of November.
    We have a few large events coming us this weekend and I have to devote all my efforts to that.
    I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience!
    …and thanks to everyone who placed order! [​IMG] Hope you love your bags!
  11. Yup, apparently I buried Amanda in orders. I warned her before I made the post though. :p
  12. OK, that shop is only about an hour from my house - I'm thinking ROAD TRIP! :lol:
  13. soooooooooo cute!!!! i can't wait :smile:
  14. Wow! Really cute zucca!
  15. lovely!
    thanks for the tips - i will keep that in mind