My V-line Surgery Experience in Korea

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  1. #1 May 28, 2016
    Last edited: May 28, 2016
    Hi all! :smile:

    It's been a while since I posted on here about going to Korea for facial contouring, and also been a month since I've actually gotten the procedure done! Now that everything's settled down a bit, I'm back and ready to share with you my experience since many of your contributions on this forum helped me during my research and decision process ^^ (Sorry for the lack of brevity as I tend to get carried away sometimes when writing :P) Overall, I'm really happy that I went ahead with my decision to get this done. I'm 19. My face shape was my biggest insecurity for many, many years; every day I would look in the mirror and feel unhappy about my wide face shape and how inharmonious it looked with the rest of my features, which are on the daintier side. I was never able to feel content with my appearance and questioned every day why I had to be born with such an abnormally large face. Confidence was out of the question. No matter how I styled my hair or did my makeup or worked out or dressed up, my heart would sink when I would still be faced with my big square jaw in the mirror. Pictures were the WORST--my face always looked twice as big as everyone else's. I was tired of always having this on the back of my mind, not being able to enjoy spending time with my friends, avoiding eye contact with people, being self conscious wherever I went and just not being happy with myself. I had been considering this surgery for years, but because I was afraid of pain and possible complications associated with the surgery, I was always on the fence about it. I tried to convince myself that I didn't need it but deep down I knew that wasn't true. The final straw for me was that fateful night when I purchased a new winter hat that I was pretty excited about, only to have that excitement taken away when I saw my reflection actually wearing it -.-) 'DAMMIT' I thought, 'I AM NOT EVEN ABLE TO LOOK DECENT IN A REGULAR WINTER HAT. I AM GOING TO GET THIS DONE ONCE AND FOR ALL.' And so the vigorous research began. (Omg I've written so much and haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet, I should just skip the rest and tell you about the actual surgery :P).

    Consultation with doctor:
    I took a 3DCT scan, explained my concerns to the doctor and he showed me how he would cut my bones. I don't remember feeling nervous or scared or excited at all, in fact I was just like: "Yep, this is happening. Tomorrow. No big deal." I think it hadn't sinked in just yet that I was getting my skull permanently cut the next day.

    Before and the night after surgery:
    When I put on my surgery robe and looked at the face I've hated all my life one last time in the mirror, I started crying. I was like 'Holy ****, this is happening. I'll never look the same. What if I miss my old face after it's gone(lmao never)?, I think I actually look pretty cute sometimes, why put myself through this?' All sorts of pre-surgery jitters and that. But the decision had been made, and it was time for me to get on the surgery table. I don't even remember how I passed out as the general anesthesia kicked in so fast.
    When I woke up, the surgery was over (long cut V-line from under ears to chin and Acculift around the jawline). I was super woozy and as though I just woke up from a long sleep. The nurses helped me walk into the recovery room where I stayed for one night. I didn't even feel any emotions, there was no pain and I was just sort of there like "Woah... The surgery is over. I made it alive." That night I would say was the toughest day after the surgery. I didn't feel much pain, but it was so so uncomfortable. I was thirsty, my throat was SO dry and painful, I kept coughing up blood every 20 minutes or so, felt super dizzy from the anesthesia and the bed was so hard that my butt was in so much pain from lying there for almost 20 hours and not being able to move around much. I was discharged the next day at around noon. My mom and I got back to our hotel and rested there for the day. Oh yeah, I also took the "after" CT scan on this day, and the result looks dramatically different but still natural and pretty! I'm so happy.

    The week after:
    Still not much pain, but my throat was KILLING me. I couldn't sleep much for 4 days because of my dry throat and kept waking up to cough up blood. After that it started to get better slowly, and after a week my throat was okay again! Honestly if it hadn't been for the hellish throat pain, I wouldn't say the recovery process was very tough. My appetite was completely gone for the first 2 days, then on the 3rd day I had tiny amounts of pumpkin porridge. The hunger kicked into high gear on the 4th day, but I was still only able to move my jaw a teeeeny amount, so all I had was some soft tofu soup that my mom made. Not being able to eat was agony! Gradually I was able to start chewing solid food very slowly; it took me an hour to finish a meal I usually would've devoured in 10 minutes. By the 2nd week I was eating whatever I wanted aside from spicy foods, albeit very, very slowly and still in small chunks.

    One month post-op:
    My new jawline is starting to show and it looks so good. Not only is my wide jaw forever gone, my face is now so cute and the perfect oval shape. I didn't even know I could look this good. Oh how much a jawline can change a face! I look drastically different now in a good way, and that's taking into account the swelling that I still have around my face. Honestly I can't imagine how cute I'll look when all the swelling goes down in a couple of months, hehe. All I can say is I feel so happy and blessed.

    I've skipped over a lot of details because to include them would turn this into an essay, but yeah overall I've so glad I got this done, once and for all. I'm so, so happy I could cry, haha. I'm kind of tired so I will stop writing, but if you have any questions just ask me ^^. Just as a disclaimer, I'm not advocating V-line surgery or plastic surgery in general. If you've got a square/wide face but it looks good with the rest of your features, there's absolutely no need to have anything like this done. It's still a major surgery and permanently cutting your skull. I only got this done because it was my biggest insecurity ever since I was a young teen and now that I'm pushing 20, I thought I would get rid of it and make a positive change in my life. I'm much more confident and happier now that my jaw had been permanently cut and changed for the better. I do not regret my decision one bit!

    I'll probably make more updates as the healing improves. :smile:.
  2. Thank you for sharing!! It's good all went well for you and you like the results:tup:

    My questions is:
    1. Which doctor/hospital did your surgeries?
    2. How was the aftercare?
    3. Was the doctor friendly and wanted to answer all your questions or uninformative, bored, rude etc?
    4. Which other clinics did you visit? Would you mind telling that on your thread? I saw from some other posts of yours that you had a pretty long list! And some of those clinics mentioned I want to visit too;) So your review on them would help a ton!

    Again, thanks for sharing, wishing you a happy recovery:amuse:
  3. Thank you for sharing starrdust! I appreciate the time and effort in writing this post for us! I feel the exact same way about my face and i plan to get facial contouring as well.
    I noticed that you were from Canada and i was wondering how the rates were when you converted CAD to WON. I live in Canada as well and I plan to pay for my surgeries in won by converting it from CAD cash. Since we're not doing so well with our dollar, the prices for surgeries in Korea become a lot more for us Canadians. Like If i was quoted 20 mil won for surgeries it will come up as around $23,000 CAD which makes a huge difference!!😞 (i got this from multiple online currency converting sites, idk if this is exactly the case when paying for surgeries)

    How did you go about paying? Did you have to go to a bank in korea or did you go to a bank here in Canada? Or did you just pay the clinic straight up in CAD? And was the total cost a lot more for your surgery after the conversion?
  4. Out of curiosity, have you noticed any sagging? :O
  5. I think thread lifting is good for having V-line face and younger look even though people have had facial bone contouring surgery or not. I had long curve jaw reduction about 3 years ago, and I think thread lifting on last month was a good choice for anti aging.
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    Thanks for sharing your experiance with us :smile: I always get so happy when I hear that people are satisfied with their V-line surgery because it gives me hope that if one day I decide to get one, there´s a chance that I will be happy with the results :smile: I think I have the same problem like you had before surgery. Always hated my facial shape :/ Btw which clinic did your surgery?? :smile: