My V-day outfit (daytime) Post yours too!

  1. Aeropostale Knit Hoodie, True Religion Jeans, Gucci Wedges (I actually wore sneakers today), and 07 VERMILLION WEEKENDER to complete it all:yahoo:

  2. I dont have pictures, but i wore a marc jacobs top, seven jeans, and my black city. ;) hope your valentines day went well!
  3. I wore luckybrand jeans (Lil Maggie) with plain white top and slip ons and truffle city
  4. seven jeans in dark gray, jil sandar long jacket in dark gray (the most lushious blend of summer weight wool and spandex) - teal eileen fisher knit pullover (had my teal mini twiggy during the day) - teal/gray/black trouser socks with helle mules - and then I switched my teal mini twiggy with the NOW SOLD '05 red rouge hobo :sad:
  5. Sounds like a fantastic outfit! Teal and grey are so nice together
  6. I was dressed plain today. My clothing kinda reflects my mood and the weather and since it was a blah day (snow&sleet) I wore jeans with gray turtleneck sweater w/ink twiggy.
  7. is MINUS 20 CELSIUS here without the wind chill so I am not really focusing on fashion here! Uggs, cords, thick cashmere turtleneck.
    Oh- and my Truffle City:smile:
  8. Where in Canada are you? Im downtown Toronto, I dont know how much longer I can take this cold streak!
  9. Silk ivory pants, black and ivory silk shirt, black heels and my black pebbled Balenciaga.
  10. It was nice and sunny here in california! I wore true religion jeans, my orange/tan chloe buckle pumps, white and gray striped splendid tank and a cropped navy sweater....all with my camel city of course.
  11. I was dressed very casually as we took our 2 month old daughter with us for our valentine's dinner. I wore green velour trackpants and my red VIF first.
  12. Me too! Me too! I'm more Leaside! There's a lot of Torontonians on here! But you wouldn't know it by the gross $10 bags that everyone seems to tote around:yucky:
    And yes, the cold streak is driving me crazy. Thank god for my butt-warmer car seats! But at least we're not in Hamilton with their 60cm of snow!

    Can't wait to use my b-bags with a REAL outfit soon where I don't look like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man!
  13. I was quite casual.

    White Bettina Liano boob tube with green lace detail, and a pair of gold thongs
  14. AND me too!
    But I'm more uptown. I NEVER see any bbags around... maybe they're hiding in people parka's, lol.

    It's supposed to warm up next week though, thank god. I've been hibernating with my purses.
  15. It was snowing pretty bad in Boston yesterday, I stayed home, cranked up the heat to 70s and wore comfy MaxStudio sweats (stylish cargo pants mod sweats!!). Oddly enough I had some makeup on and hugged my new City while watching TV... no eating/drinking allowed around gorgeous handbags!