my UPGRADED diaper bag!

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  1. here's the BEFORE picture :


    and AFTER (35 VICTORIA FT in blue jean clemence) :

  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:How cool! :heart: A diaper bag in BLUE JEAN!!!

    Congratulations, Pazt!!
  3. Wonderful, pazt!!!
  4. thanks gigi! i really love it!

    this is how i'm making it work. i got organizing washable envelopes for the baby's essential stuffs (to save the toile interior) :

  5. Fabulous!!!!
  6. thanks pepper and rose!

    here's a peek of what's inside my victoria (the black pouch contains feeding bottles) :

  7. Wow...Just wow...congrats all the way around to you!
  8. FABULOUS!!!!!! I remember the days when DD was an infant.....all I had was a vinyl diaper bag with the alphabet all over it in big pink letters.....:sad:
  9. BEAUTIFUL bag, Beautiful color! I hope baby A is being easy on his mama!
  10. WOW, very organised, Pazt! :tup: I love how you take great care of your bag! :heart:
  11. Oh Pazt - that's the coolest diaper bag I've EVER seen!

    Fabulous :heart:
  12. damier and shopmom - thank you! all this talk about the victoria (and victoria beckham too!) got me heading off to our local store to check it out! i knew i would love it even before getting there!
  13. Congrats pazt, that really is a deluxe diaper bag!!
    But pls becareful w/the bottle!!! Many-a-times I think mine is closed tight and than it isn't!!! Especially if the milk/formula is hot (I do that a lot for short trips to let it cool down on its own), there's presure which often makes the milk squirt (from painful experience and bags). But long story short, careful w/the beauty. I LOVES IT!!! Now you got me thinking about my own diaper a new one in order? ENJOY YOURS!!!!!! Georgeous.
  14. Now THATS a diaper bag!!!
    Congats Patz on the "little one" and the Hermes "diaper bag" :smile:
  15. Patz...Love it!!!