My updated puchases!

  1. I posted an update in my bagshowcase but also firgured that I would post her b-cuz so many of my new bags are LV's along with a few others here and there.

    I need to stop buying stuff. :yes:
  2. yummy.

    nice collection, i love it!
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Please don't tell me you haven't used your mizi yet!:shocked: :lol:

  4. ^^^I havent :shame:

    You saw the plastic still on, huh? :shame:

    I was SO happy to get that bag that all I did was admire it. Then I got sidetracked buying other bags and never brought her out.

    She'll come out soon though. :biggrin:

    That's a very special bag to me. its like I'm terrified that I'll ruin it :heart:
  5. Great collection!!!! I love the mizi and the denim bags!!!
  6. love em all!
  7. Stunning! I love you mizi!:biggrin::flowers:
  8. I Know I Would Have Changed Right Into The Mizi.......It's Definitely On My List Of All Time Favorites!!! :smile: Your Collection Is Absolutely Fabulous!
  9. love your bags :smile:
  10. Isn't that the PF motto? :biggrin:

    Lovely collection!
  11. Miziiiii such love. Lovely collection!

  12. ^^"I need to stop buying stuff"

    I dunno but it should be. LOL :lol:
  13. Pretty!
  14. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing!
  15. I love your pantina on your MC speedy!