My updated LV collection

  1. Hi guys!! This is my updated LV collection!! THe pics are REALLY CRAPPY, so its all blurry:shame:

    Mono Pochette- Nov. 06- Tysons Galleria Neiman Marcus LV (my first bag! :heart: )

    Azur Pochette- Feb. 07 (Valentines Day gift from my Dad:heart: )

    Damier Mini Pochette-Jan. 07 Waikola Kings Shops in sunny Hawaii :p

    MC Blanc Wapity- Nov. 06 Tysons Galleria Neiman Marcus LV (I got this one 3 days after my first LV bag!! aka "an addict is born"

    Mono Cles- Jan.07 San Francisco Union Square LV (My Aunt Carol purchased 3 and gave one to me:love: .......she purchases EVERYTHING IN BULK!)

    Thats all folks!

    I am hoping to add a Dameir Speedy 25 VERY soon!! :shame:
  2. my cataloges........I finally got the big blue one:p LOL
  3. Great collection.
  4. Great collection! I hope you get your damier speedy!
  5. Thanks!!
  6. great collection, congrats!!!
  7. ur collection is soo cute! Early Congrats to your Damier Speedy 25!
  8. Ooh, I hope you get the damier speedy 25. I LOVE those!!

    Here's to your collection and I hope it continues on :drinks:
  9. Love everything :love:
  10. thanks!!
  11. Great collection-all the necessities for a girl your age! I hope you get the speedy soon!
  12. Cute collection!
  13. Very nice collection!!
  14. thanks :shame:
  15. I am so lonley at school.........nobody to talk to about LV......i mean they know what it is, they want it, but they dont know all the new stuff.....

    but thats why i have you guys!!