My Updated Collection

  1. Here's my smaller collection. :heart:
    Purse Collection.jpg
  2. love it! love the tokidoki and mc trouville!
  3. Love the MC mirror!! I gotta get one myself!! :biggrin: Great collection!
  4. very lovely collection! :biggrin:
  5. Here's my new bag! Thanks again shushopn!!:heart:
  6. You have a great collection!! I actually LOVE every single piece you have!! :biggrin:
  7. Very nice :smile:
  8. Here's my beautiful inclusion ring! I have banned myself from wearing it when I drive because I love watching how it sparkles in the sun! :nuts:
    ring1.JPG ring 2.JPG
  9. Thanks for sharing! Love that MC Trouville! ;)
  10. love the tokidoki!
  11. Your collection is beautiful. I :heart: that ring!
  12. I see a lovely Coach tote hiding in the back of the family photo! Love it!
  13. Love the LV's!
  14. Lovely collection! congrats :smile:
  15. Very, very nice! I love the inclusion pieces. Too distracting when you drive, huh? The white MC always looks so fresh--I should get something in that line. Thanks for sharing.