My Updated Collection

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  1. Hi everyone, I had a thread here before that I had deleted so that I can start a fresh one that's more updated. Enjoy the pictures! ;)

    The below pics are of my LV's, Dior's, & Marc by Marc Jacob's.
  2. ayyyyye!
  3. Here are my Coach's & Dooney's & 1 Burberry tote. I am however missing some other Coach key fobs & my Dooney IT wristlet and Barrell Bag. :smile:
  4. Lastly, here are my Tokidoki's & 1 Juicy bag... and now I think I've pretty much captured a good amount of my bags! :rolleyes:
  5. You collection is awesome! I love your marc by marc jacob bag!!!!
  6. Love your Dior Boston bag! :smile:
  7. cuteeeee
  8. so cute. i love your marc bags and your cherry blossom lv!
  9. Such cute and colorful bags! Love the Vuitton BV and Miss Marc bags!
  10. Can I ask where you found the MJ Miss Marc Tote??? I have the umbrella!

    The little girl looks just like my daughter - well not the lips - when she was about five years old :P
  11. I LOVE your tokidoki collection! Fun! Fun! Fun!:yahoo:
  12. Your collection is so FUN!!! LOVE it! Thanks for posting!!
  13. veeeeery cute collection:love:
  14. Great collection! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Nice collection!
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