My updated collection *** picture***

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  1. I really love Chanel so much!!! I am trying to be more selective on any new additions. The only bag I really feel I need is a cream flap, but I want it to be a reissue since the 226 is the perfect size for me.

    I wouldn't mind a white leather reissue along with the dark silver either. Maybe a black one too!

    Anyway here they are....


    From top to front...

    Black med. lambskin, reissue 226, gold madison,

    purple lady braid, white satin flap, GST w/silver h/w
  2. omg! Gorgeous! May I ask what the beautiful purple-ish
    one is? My mouth fell open when saw it.

    Great collection!
  3. awsome collection! I love the fact that you have a lil bit of everything
  4. I :heart::heart::heart: your collection. I think you should definitely get the dark silver, white, and black reissues! :yes: My favorites are the bordeaux and the lady braid! Wow, your new gold really stands out from the crowd in this pic. :heart:

    How is your lady braid holding up? Are they any marks or scratches on her? She's coming back for fall in black, I'm so tempted.
  5. Wonderful collection. Are they coming out with lady braid satchel's this fall/winter? If so, does anyone know what colors?
  6. It's the lady braid satchel. I understand they are coming back with it in the fall. I don't wear it too much but I am going to need to start.
  7. Yes, I think in brown and black.
  8. She's holding up great, but I don't use her too much. I feel it's more of a spring bag, plus I work so much I don't get to enjoy any of my bags that much.

    Someone else has the black on this forum and she told me she uses it a lot and is holding up great. You should get it because it is seriously a great bag.

    If only i had a money tree I would get every single color of the reissue.
  9. Hmm, I think I hear the black lady braid calling my name. :heart:
  10. What a GORGEOUS collection! Enjoy them...
  11. You have a lovely collection! I can see you own only what you truly love... because your pieces are very consistent! :heart: :yes:
  12. what an amazing collection!!! they are all stunning!
  13. imgg, you have such a wonderful collection. They are simply divine....
  14. nice!
  15. ohhh my dream bag - the bordeaux reissue...:tup:

    lovely lovely bagssss!!!:nuts:;)