My updated collection pics!!

  1. After some more buying and selling, here is my current collection....I *think* I'm done for a while.....or at least until fall :graucho:.

    All the bags:
    Whiskey legacy shoulder, black/white sig stripe tote, khaki/angora Carly, black Ali, gold soho hobo, 06 scribble small tote, soho khaki patchwork hobo with crimson snake trim, brown soho mini sig small flap, gold Zoe clutch, mahogany soho small hobo, and punch sig stripe swingpack

    Wallets, wristlets, and skinnies:
    legacy stripe french purse, crimson multifunction wallet, black/white sig stripe wristlet, khaki/angora Carly wristlet, legacy stripe wristlet, khaki/chocolate soho mini wallet, whiskey legacy wristlet, khaki/gold optic sig wristlet, mint signature wristlet, punch signature wristlet, 06 scribble wristlet, brown mini sig skinny, punch sig stripe skinny, denim sig stripe skinny
  2. Lovely!!!
  3. I can't see it.
    Will check from home.
  4. Great collection!!!
  5. Scarves:
    watercolor stripe ponytail, legacy stripe ponytail, 07 scribble ponytail, pink sig skinny super long, and blue zebra stripe oblong


    Misc accessories:
    legacy stripe umbrella, punch sig stripe beauty case, pink mini sig umbrella, legacy stripe agenda, Taurus, D, and watermelon charms, and buttons, heart script, and pave flip flop keyfobs

  6. And finally shoes......

    black/white Katelyn sneakers, khaki Catolina espadrilles, bronze Mayra wedges, indigo Thalia wedges, 06 scribble Kyrie sneakers, black/gunmetal Lyndsey sandals, gold Debbie sandals
  7. i love all of your things !

    ecspecially all of your coach shoes they are just fab. ive decided im only going to buy coach shoes from now on.
  8. Can you believe I actually forgot sunglasses!!

    Sofia in black and tortoise, and Daisy in black
  9. And thanks all!!
  10. WOW!!! :drool: Such great collection with so much variety!!!! I really :heart: all your accessories and shoes!
  11. What a b-e-a-utiful collection! I love everything. I really love those Mayra's...I wonder if I could walk in those?
  12. Your collection is GORGEOUS!!!!!!I love it all!!
  13. wow.. I'm trying not to be jealous, but I just can't help it!! lol...:greengrin::drool:

    Great collection! :tup:
  14. yum!!! its so much fun just looking at everyones collection this is such an addiction :O)
  15. I love everything in your collection!:p