My Updated Balenciaga Collection - I Love My Bbags!

  1. Here is an updated photo of my Balenciaga collection:

    From left to right:

    First Section:

    04 Aviator Brown Shearling Twiggy
    03 Suede Multi-zip Bag
    02 Caramel Flat Brass First

    Second Section:

    2004 Rose Twiggy
    2006 Emerald Twiggy
    2006 Cornflower Blue Twiggy
    2007 Vert deau Twiggy

    Third Section:

    2005 Apple Green Work Bag
    2005 Chocolate (Marron) Work Bag
    2006 Cornflower Blue Accessory - I can't remember the name

    Fourth Section:

    2007 GH White City
    2004 Pistachio City
    2005 Sky Blue City
    2005 Calcaire City

    Fifth Section:

    2004 Eggplant City
    2005 Magenta City
    2006 Blueberry City
    2005 Pewter City

    Sixth Section:

    2005 Rouge Theatre Shopping Bag
    2004 Marigold First
    2006 Grey First
    2004 Rose First

    On Top of Couch

    2006 Toile Black Leather Trimmed Bag

    On its way: 2007 GH Aquamarine Work

    And I'm done for a while unless a 2001 or 2002 black first shows up! :shame:

    I love Powder's pebbled black leather first - that would be my #1 choice! :love:

    And again, thanks for everyone's help in authenticating and everyone's advice - especially LP's. :love:

  2. woww..... stunning collection!
  3. You have an absolutely AMAZING collection! You have some real gems in there. I LOVE your Shopper! CONGRATS on your new GH WOrk and please post pics when you get it!!
  4. Great collection. I would love to see better pics of the shearling twiggy, what an interesting concept.
  5. :wtf: WOW!!

    I particularly love your Emerald, Vert D'Eau, Pitsachio & Sky Blue. All of them are gorgeous, thougH!
  6. :drool: :nuts: :drool: you have an absolutely amazing collection! Don't know which bag(s) I :heart: most! Is there a shape/style you prefer over the others?
  7. i love the colors!!!! so beautiful! you have spectacular taste
  8. OH BOY WOW WOW WOW. You have such a beautiful, varied collection. Totally drooling over your collection. I love your couch too! Congratulations on a really incredible bbag collection. :love:
  9. Amazing. (I love your couch too!) Thank you for sharing your extensive collection!
  10. Thank you so much! Here you go - 04 aviator shearling twiggy exterior and interior shots. Since I started carrying Balenciagas about two months ago, the two that I have carried the most are (1) the shearling twiggy and (2) chocolate work. I have to worry about snow and sleet here in the midwest, and I just think that these two bags work really well in the winter here. Plus, I like the rugged look of the shearling twiggy. :yes:


  11. Thank you so much! My favorite shapes so far are twiggy and work. And I like the first for evenings. :yes:
  12. Thank you powder, that means a lot to me. :yes:
  13. Thanks elmel, verty, lizz, tnc 727!

    MRG - I'll post photos of the GH work when it arrives this week. :smile:
  14. Your collection is huge! Wowzah!
  15. Ohhh pretty sherling twiggy!

    Do you have any other pics of the Vert D'eau & Emerald 06 by any chance??