My upcoming trip to Sephora

  1. I went through that thread about what daily make up you apply and have listed some products I am going to go and try. I have always used drug store brands and they just aren't cutting it for me. I want to find something I can swear by so it looks like I have to go name brand. So far this is my list :

    Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Bare Minerals ( not sure what shade yet)
    Dior Blackout mascara
    Nars Orgasm
    Smashbox jetset eyeliner
    Smashbox Photo op brightener

    Based off of these products, any other suggestions, I'm all ears...really anything would help. Also looking for a good concealer when I dont use BM.

    Another really random question but I think on page two of that tread, there is a pic of Kim from the Pussycat Dolls, you see how she as that shimmer in the corner of her eyes?
    I want to do that but don't know what to use cause eyeshadow is too clumpy!:shrugs:

  2. There was a thread on the Smashbox eyeliner on a makeup site I frequent, and it did not get good reviews....maybe you will consider an alternative :smile:

    The great thing about Sephora is the hands on testing....I love it!
  3. i use an eyeshadow in the corner of my eyes and its not clumpy at all. if you're going to sephora, you can check out what i use. its got glitter in it, but the glitter usually falls out anyways and then you're left with a nice shimmery taupe color. the color is "mauwi wowie" by urban decay. love it.
  4. I have DiorShow blackout and Nars blush in Orgasm. Both are wonderful products IMO! :tup:

    DiorShow is a great volumnizing mascara, with blackout being the darkest of the black colors for a dramatic look. If you want something less extreme, go for the regular DiorShow. It also comes in waterproof formula, but I've found the regular formula doesn't come off easily anyway.

    Nars Orgasm is my all-time favorite blush. :yes: It compliments all skin tones (for reference, I'm Asian with fair skin) and looks natural on.

    Hope you find what you are looking for at Sephora.
  5. Tarte makes a highlighter cream & pencil duo called Rest Assured which you can use on the inner corner or anywhere else on your face.
  6. I use Nars' Orgasm blush, and I really like it... I would recommend that you check out Nars' Turkish Delight lip gloss... very pretty!
  7. My suggestion is don't tell the SAs that you have this whole list of things you want to buy and that you're replacing all your drugstore makeup. Otherwise they might see dollar signs and try to sucker you into a million products :p

    Another cool thing they have is their perfume sampler kit. I'm not sure if you're looking for perfume, but you buy this set that has a bunch of different samples and a certificate. Then you bring it back and you can exchange the certificate for a full size bottle of the perfume you liked best. Also, remember that if you don't like something you can bring it back for an exchange or refund. Just save your receipt!!

    Have fun! I love Sephora! I'm a fast shopper and it's one of the only stores I can easily spend over an hour in :girlsigh:

    ps- what kind of concealer are you looking for? For circles or blemishes?
  8. ClaireZk....for blemishes

    If i had bad luck in anything its trying to find a quality concealer! :crybaby:
  9. bumbleb86, what kind of coverage are you looking for in the concealer? I just started using the Armani skin retouch concealer and it works well on my skin (sensitive, combination). It goes on the skin really well (you just apply with a concealer brush) and provides medium coverage. [​IMG]
    Sephora doesn't carry the Armani line, but Saks does and you can probably get a sample to try out.
  10. Get BeneFit's Babecake Liner. It's awesome!
  11. bumbleloba thanks for the advice, how much does that run?

    Oh yes, for my back up eyeliner I am gonna try Urban Decays Smoke out??
  12. Nice list!!!

    I used BE for about a year then discovered Laura Gellar's Balance and Brighten. I originally bought it as a pressed powder but quickly used it as a great, buildable pressed mineral foundation. It doesn't give off the shine as BE does and it seems to last all day. I have also noticed less mess in the bathroom and it's a breeze to travel with. They carry it at Sephora.
  13. I am a very loyal Smashbox customer, and I have to admit that while I do like the jetset (it goes on nicely, stays well, and I love the black black shade), it cakes up my eyeliner brush terribly, so I hardly use it. Even when I wash the brush after every application, it just gets cakey, and that causes the eyeliner in the jar to dry out.

    What I DO love is the BE eyeliner. Buy the liquid stuff - it's in a little dropper bottle, and comes with a mixing dish (I think it's called weather proof or something?). You put a little powder eyeliner in the dish with a few drops of the liquid, stir it up, and it's a great liquid liner that stays on all day. The BE brush will let you put on as narrow or thick a line as you want. Just a tip, I always blast my face with the hairdryer on cool after I put on liquid liner so I don't smudge it. Plus the colors are endless, because I believe you can use it with any of their powders. As with all BE products, the powder can get a little messy, so mix it over the sink. HTH!

    I love DiorShow mascara. I had seen the Lash Exact (CG I think?) commercials, and on a whim, picked one up at Target. For $5, I really do like it (I prefer the regular over the waterproof though). No matter which mascara I use, I prep it with Smashbox mascara primer - it's really good stuff! Their mascara kinda sucks (according to my SA at Nordstrom too!), but the primer is fantastic! When I like something like the Lash Exact, I have a hard time spending $25 for Dior. I always have to replace my Dior mascara every 4-6 weeks, so the drug store stuff lasts longer too.
  14. I'm going to try this one. Thanks for the recommendation!
  15. It's $35 (I know, but it's worth it!) and will last about 4-6 months depending on how often you use it. I use it everyday to cover blemishes and under eye circles and still on my first pot after 3 months. Think the pot will last for another 2 months at least for me.