my unorganized boss is stressing me out

  1. hi everyone, let me start out by saying im young (20 years old) and i got this job because i was pretty much bored with life and wanted extra spending money. i dont want to quit because my job is pretty easy (video rental store) and stress free, well at least it should be!

    my boss is my boyfriends moms friend (thats how i got the job), she was hired to be the manager of the store when it re-opened without any previous experience and not much training.

    ive been working here for since the beginning of November and it was great up until about a month ago. my boss has a full time job at another store so shes very busy.

    sometimes ill open in the morning and she will have papers and movie cases scattered all over the counter from the previous night without a note saying why they are there or what to do with them. the schedule was supposed to be made at least 1 week in advance but its sometimes made the day the previous schedule runs out. our paychecks are late, she messes up all the organized shelves so im always having to reorganize after her shift, im always being worked overtime at the last minute (she waits until the last minute to get me to work a 10 hour shift) and shes late quite often up to an hour leaving me waiting to go home without calling in advance or giving a reason.

    i really do like my job but occasionally when i come into work with a pile of extra stuff to deal with that she was supposed to do i get stressed out and want to leave. i really dont wanna quit but when i try to talk to her she gives me this blank stare and changes the subject or goes off about how busy she is. i feel bad complaining because she really is a nice person and she gave me this job but at the same time i dont like working in an extremely unorganized workplace.

    i pretty much needed to vent but if anyone has any advice or related stories please share :smile:
  2. Ugh, I feel for you. The last job I had, at a beadstore, the owner was just like this. The countertop by the register was always COVERED with odd beads, magazines and half started projects.

    Best thing I can suggest is hang in there long enough to get some experiance and then find another job. It's apparent she knows nothing about business and it probably won't last long under her command anyway.

    Is there someone higher up that you can talk to about it? Perhaps she needs to be replaced.

    Good luck!
  3. That's awful having your boss be so unorganzied, then it all gets thrown into your hands, even though you have no clue what to do, and no one seems to really care. Since the boss doesn't seem to concerned with it, I personally would not even bother with it, but then again, I hate unorganization and irresponsibilty and then you have to clean it all up. Since there might not be someone higher up to speak to about this, I would just resign from the job and get a better job with more organization where you can get better work experience.
    Good luck!!
  4. i feel your pain!

    if talking to her doesn't work at all then you need to go higher up. ESPECIALLY if you are not getting paid when you are suppose to. If it's a chain store then there's no reason for you to be getting paid late. and if it's a small town - 1 store only - type of thing, then you might want to find something else because if they are that unorganized then they will eventually run themselves to the ground.
  5. I agree with the others. I would try talking to her first and if that doesn't work then try calling the district manager to complain. You can't be the only one she's affecting with this behavior and that's going to trickle down to the customers too.
  6. thanks for the advice everyone, next time this hapens ill try and talk to her again if that doesnt work then maybe ill try the owner, but the thing is the owner is actually trying to sell the buisness so i dont think hes all that concerned either lol. he was the one who hired her to be manager and barely trained her, i kinda feel bad for her but its not right for her to pile more work on the rest of us because she cant be bothered to stay and clean up. im not planning on staying here that long anyways, its not a career job just a job for extra cash. ill hang in there for a while and if it gets any worse ill start looking elsewear for work.

    thanks for the advice everyone!