My 'unknown' bag has arrived..

  1. LOL..Ok so here's the story.

    I really wanted an Olive coloured bag, but the designers I usually buy from didnt have anything in that shade that I liked.
    Then I thought that maybe I was being a bag snob and there are loads of bags out there that I was dismissing because I have never heard of the designer.

    So I logged onto eBay, and gave the search details as 'Olive leather bag' and I adjusted the page so that I could only see the pictures, so I wouldnt be influenced by the brand name.

    Anyway I found this bag which was a great size for tall people like me ( small bags look a bit silly on me) and it had nice details and the shade was a nice browny-olive-grey.

    I decided I was going to buy it and I won it for a best offer price of $80 ( about 40 pounds..woohoo)

    The bag arrived today. The brand is Via Spiga, and Im impressed with it! I have never heard of them before but I will check them out in future. The bag is well made and a medium weight. The leather is really soft too. The colour is soooooo nice in real life. My camera cant quite capture it.

    So here is my first 'Unknown' bag..


  2. Wow thats a good idea, think ill try it...i had a wee look on their website theyve got some nice bags there, unfortunately for me they only sell in USA
  3. Thats a really nice bag and it looks great on you - and a bargain to boot!!! Great!
  4. I like the bag, its nice. Great price! That color should be quite useful :tup:
  5. Really cute! I love the color. I've heard of Via Spiga before; if you do a search in this subforum you'll get quite a few hits. :tup:
  6. I live in the UK. I find that UK eBay have reeeeeaaallly boring bags so I always bag shop on US eBay or US based bag websites...

    Luckily I wasnt charged any customs duties on this bag, but with customs its pot luck. I have paid high charges in the past.

    I have been trying to capture the colour of the bag with my camera, and this shot is pretty close..

    *sigh* I think Im in love...
  7. Congratulations on successfully purchasing your first "mystery" bag! It does look wonderful on you, and I am in love with the color. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

    VIA SPIGA is actually a relatively established and well-known brand here in the US. I didn't know they made handbags, though; I've always known them for their sharp shoes and brief foray into stylish outerwear. Will definitely have to check out their handbags from now on!
  8. Great bag, I love the colour!
  9. Very pretty congrats!
  10. Nice bag! Kudos to you for venturing into "Unknown Bag" territory.:tup:
  11. there's a lot of via spiga in europe, it's not an 'unknown' brand at all.
  12. I always see Via Spiga on the designer table at Marshalls. It's right there with Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Andrew Marc, Francesco Biasia, Dooney & Bourke and Coach. So, I bet retail is somewhere in the $300s? I think the bag is gorgeous. Great color and design. Congrats.
  13. That bag is beautiful! It looks great on you too. Sometimes we get in a rut of only going to our fav designer and you have just proved there is a whole world of "new" bags out there just waiting to be discovered. Congrats!
  14. What a great deal you found!
  15. Congrats! Via Spiga makes really nice shoes and as you know, bags!