My uncomfortable but cute multipocket

  1. I just purchased my first large MJ multipocket. (finally! :smile: )

    I LOVE the way it looks, love the leather, great size, etc. I just took her for an outing and I am a little bummed because not only is it heavy, (which I expected) but the hard, rolled purse strap didn't feel comfortable on my shoulder. I really want to use this bag, but it is not comfy at all.:sad:
    Does anyone else feel this way with their multipockets? Do other styles feel this way, in regards to the shoulder strap issue?
  2. Although I love the look of the bag, I never bought one out of fear that it would be uncomfortable. Maybe in the fall, a thicker sweater could act as padding???
  3. I have the same problem with my petrol mp. It has a chain strap that digs into my shoulder when I wear it for long periods of time.

    But I love it so!

    Still, I tend to reach for it when I know that I won't be carrying it for long periods of time.
  4. so jealous of your petrol! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag but couldn't find it during the sales... good for you!

    But yes, the straps of the MP are slightly uncomfortable, esp in the summer when there's not much in between the straps and your shoulder. It didn't really bother me often, only once in a blue moon. Maybe I got use to it?

    And Marly, Congrats on your MP! Which color did you get???
  5. I haven't taken my new Multipocket out for a ride yet, but I will soon. I don't think I should have a problem though. I carried around the store for a while before purchasing it. I have a small, not large. I tend not to carry too much stuff with me. I just like big bags. I felt the small was large enough. The large was too big for me.
  6. Black.:yes:
  7. I hope I don't make this worse for you, but I didn't know that you were were looking for one, I had ordered 2 during the second markdown sale and returned 1 :crybaby:. Sorry..... I wished I knew you were looking....
  8. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    It just wasn't meant to be... and don't be sorry! I didn't realize how much I adored it until the markdowns were going on.. most of these sold out during the first markdown and I gave up looking after that. I did hear that a lucky gal got it during the last markdown in Texas, perhaps that was the same bag?

    Don't mean to hijack your thread Marly! You made a great choice with the black MP. Are you going to keep it?
  9. I have 3-2 large and one small and they are def heavy and the strap leaves marks after I've been carrying it all day. at this point I'm used to it but my biggest issue is the fact that the zippers stick
  10. thithiDon't know yet. I wore it again tonight and my shoulders hurt.:sad: But it's so purdy!
  11. I'm sorry about the "pain" from your MP. I really believe that the rolled handles get softer (less stiff) over time from use. If anything, you're just building a tougher shoulder! :yes:
  12. My Stam Hobo is comfy but not for as long as other bags I have so I just wear it for hours at a time not as my all day, everyday bag.
  13. My straps don't bother me I have the reb. MP & would prefer the large for me. I fon't stuff it though so it's really not heavy at all. If you use it more it'll get softer & maybe more comfortable.
  14. I think my straps are really comfortable. I don't have the large, though. I have the sport size.
  15. I also have the smaller size MP and have had mine for over three years now. The straps did get softer and it did become easier to wear with time.