My uncle went to pick up my luggage tag for me today

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  1. Since my uncle works downtown I gave him the slip of paper that said that I could pick up my heat stamped luggage tag anytime after November the 10th! So today the 13th, my uncle went to pick it up for me and they told him that it wasn't done! :cursing:

    They asked him if he had received a phone call and he said no, he's picking it up for his niece and that the paper says November 10th on it! My uncle told me that he was surprised that it wasn't done because usually LV is good with this kind of stuff.

    So they said that they must have missed my tag and asked if my uncle could wait. My uncle said no because he was pressed for time, so they said that they would mail it to me today!
  2. ugh that sucks :sad:
    i hope they mail it immediately
  3. congrats so exciting :smile:.
  4. Sorry! Hope that you get it soon!
  5. Sorry to hear about this! Maybe they had many other heat stamps to do? :shrugs:
  6. That really sucks, but atleast you are getting it soon!
  7. Just hope it doesn't get lost or dented in the mail! :wacko:
  8. Oh man that stinks! Hope you get it soon
  9. they should call you before!! what a waist time!!
    sorry for you and your uncle.
    BTW your uncle is nice!!!!!
  10. LV will most likely put your luggage tag in an LV box before shipping it to you in a mailing box, so I'm sure it will be ok! I hope you get it soon!
  11. aw, that's so unprofessional of the store! Your uncle is very nice to drop by the store, too bad it's not done like they promised...hope they can include some goodies in the package :flowers:
  12. Show us the tag when you get it!
  13. When i took some things to be heat stamped, i didn't hear back, 2 weeks after the 'due date' i turned up to the store to which they were in the process of doing my order (:huh: sure there were) and that they woudl need 1/2 and hour longer to finish it properly. At least they had the decency to do it for me then and there.
  14. it is really hard to wait for something when you want it now. i know that feeling. just be patience and hopefully it will get to you soon!
  15. I am sure it will be worth the wait.