My Un-perfect Azur

  1. Last week I was finally able to grab a Speedy 25 in Azur from Eluxury for my unbirthday hehe. The little beauty arrived on Tuesday. The bag is beautiful BUT it stinks! It's a strange chemical odor that is strong. The box and dustcover also smell like it. I've left them sitting out on a table to air out since Tuesday.

    I remember someone else mentioned this happened to them too. I was wondering what the outcome was. Did you return or did the stink go away finally?
  2. Maybe you can try putting a dryer sheet in the bag and hopefully the smell will go away (or not be as strong)?
  3. Eventually the smell will go away that's for sure. i bought my damier wallet from HK store last year and the odor was really strong, at first i thought it how the damier canvas smell like, but after i bought couple damier goods from australia store i realise the smell were actually completely different, much weaker, i barely smell anything. so i guess sometimes it depends on where you get from..
  4. I know what you are talking about--- and for some strage reason- I actually LIKED the smell! Last time I saw Azur she still had a slight smell- but it did go away with use (somewhat)
  5. I like the smell of new canvas from LV along with the pale vachetta! It's all in the package when you buy brand new. Not like pre-love from HK where things are stored in moth ball filled cabinets due to humidity.
  6. that's weird...I'd call elux customer service to see what they would suggest.

    but in the meantime, keep airdrying it.
  7. Oh well... at least you have a beautiful bag!
  8. hmm thats weird i ordered an azur speedy 25 from eluxury too and mine didn't have a smell, did you think about calling and compalining?
  9. I'm curious about this chemical smell. Has anyone ever thought that maybe someone purchase an item and sprayed it with leather protector? Then not being happy with the item they returned it and the new buyer unwitting gets a return that has been coated?:shrugs:
  10. The smell will go away! I usually put dryer sheets in mine!:p
  11. mine actually smelled too. None of my other LV"s ever had that smell but the azur.:confused1:
  12. The leathe protector dries fume free, no one can tell it's been sprayed or not but the owner. The smell reminds me of new-car 'scent' where I get dizzy just by smelling it while majority of pp enjoy that 'newness' smell.:sweatdrop:
  13. My Azur Saleya stank of plastic for less than a day.
  14. i would return ASAP. a brand new bag should not smell like anything but new.
  15. that chemical scent is one sure sign that the bag is absolutely brand new. just air it out, it will go away in a few days.