My ultimate dream Birkin....dream is the key word here!

  1. So, I was flipping through the December issue of Allure and what do I eyes glaze's true love.... :love:

    A stunning crocodile black Birkin with palladium hardware! TDF!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: And learning from everyone here at tPF, I'd say it's porosus croc. Did I get it right?! :shame: And, it's only $30,600!! What size would you say this is?

    (And to go with it....a lovely Kelly-style wallet!)

    I need more discretionary income!!!!! :crybaby:
    Croc Birkin_Allure1207_sm.jpg Kelly Wallet_Allure1207_sm.jpg
  2. That's one beautiful bag! Sorry no idea about the size!
  3. So gorgeous. Never hurts to dream... :smile:
  4. That looks like porosus... *snatches her unopened copy of Allure from the table!*
  5. Beautiful!!!
  6. That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I love to dream!!!:drool:
  8. preppycowgirl, nothing wrong with dreaming! I also notice the Kelly wallet. Very nice. :smile:
  9. For that price the croc birkin must be a 30cm. It does look like porosus to me.
  10. I just saw that issue. I think it is 30cm.

  11. only? guess thats cheap right? LOL :p

    but I must agree that bag is absolutely gorgeous!! I wouldnt be mad if you rocked that beauty. Im such a sucker for exotics.
  12. dreaming is good
  13. and dreaming is free! :p
  14. ^ and dreams sometimes come true!
  15. LOL! "only" was a bit of sarcasm...sorry! :shame: Maybe someday....if I could only STOP buying other H goodies, I might have enough for this beauty!! :girlsigh: